Camping Bus [2.4×4.8m]

Eurodita has built its reputation as a timber buildings specialist—ready to install, sold as kits, pre-assembled, and portable options. It supplies to bulk dealers and log cabin retailers. The wholesaler offers an assortment of cabins, garden furniture, garden sheds, BBQ huts, contemporary log homes, and more!


Eurodita Timber Camping Bus has home-like, real living spaces inside, ensuring occupants get a beautiful recreation of their home rather than being like an average camping bus that looks like a large container. While standard RVs can have excessive space that only adds to the portability issues, Nordic timber camping bus is sized to perfection, ensuring the blend of a camping pod and a camping home is perfected. This log camping bus complies with the global standards for motorhomes, campervans, towable homes, RV units, and travel trailers, ensuring the safety of transportation and meeting people-carrying safety standards. With Eurodita portable wooden camping bus, dealers don’t need to worry about regional regulations that can drive-away buyers.


  • Simple Design: As robust as a motorhome and yet as deft as a camper van, Eurodita timber bus is the ideal blend of outdoor performance and very liveable, interior spaces. While full-sized camper vans come with heavy chassis and need thorough maintenance, Eurodita bus has minimal caring demands. Built solid, it uses a simple design that insulates well but still provides a lot of space to move around
  • Shingle Roofing: The log camping bus features shingle roofing, a reliable and durable roofing system that can withstand heavy showers and storms. The Bitumen Shingles add to the aesthetic appeal of the wooden glamping unit.
  • Pre-Fab Log Structures: Construction of towable units from natural timber is a robust trade that requires a lot of experience. The Eurodita team has real craftsmen and seasoned tools-men who create the deftest and durable travel trailer camping buses as reliable as a building


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Technical Specifications:

  • Camping bus manufactured using premium quality Nordic timber Pinewood
  • Two room
  • Cabin size 2.4×4.8m
  • Camping Bus height 2.6m
  • Wall thickness 46mm
  • Double glazed opening Window 700x900mm
  • Double glazed opening Window 1020x1060mm
  • Glued Door 700x1800mm with double glass window 295x580mm
  • Roof covered with shingles in colours of your choice
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