Camping bus 4.8m

Camping cabin – Camping Bus 2.4×4.8m
Camping bus manufactured using premium quality Nordic timber Pinewood
2 room
Cabin size 2.4×4.8m
Camping Bus height 2.6m
Wall thickness 46mm
Double glazed opening Window 700x900mm
Double glazed opening Window 1020x1060mm
Glued Door 700x1800mm with double glass window 295x580mm
Roof covered with shingles in colours of your choice

Camping Buses supplied with Premium quality wooden furniture:

Double or single bed
Bunk bed (2 floors)
Long bench
We can instal extra walls by request
Camping bus can be delivered flat packed or assembled.
Eurodita manufacturer of quality Log Cabins, Log Sheds, Laminated log houses, Camping Pods, BBQ huts, Kota Grill Cabins, wooden furniture, Log garages, Wooden Carports, standard and bespoke cabins.
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Sometimes, we just get these situations when we can’t wait for the right solution to just come along. Building something for yourself can be fun. It might be so but there are times when you need a serious solution. And not next month, not in a half a year. You need it just at that time. We offer quick log cabins – they are simple to build, you can go from scratch right to your brand new garden house in no time. Many Camping bus 4.8m are using this system but we believe we got it brilliantly.

It’s all about speed sometimes, and most of us want to be as simple and straightforward as it is possible. And you look at the list of wooden houses we can offer you, and just as easily, one of those can be standing tall in your garden in just a matter of a few days.

We did our best to bring you various designs for each and every single of your needs. If you need a simple wooden shed to store your belongings, we got them. Camping bus 4.8m, used all around the world are serving many purposes and you might just as well find yours. If you’re looking for quick log cabins as if you’re looking for a summer house, or even a place you could actually live in – look around and you might be easily able to find what you’re looking for.

Anyone, even without special training, can build this kind of interlocking wooden house. If doesn’t require as much time, effort and money as the alternative, traditional options. “Eurodita” log cabins are a simple option for those who need a log house, quickly and inexpensively.

Every single one of the houses are made out of Siberian timber – timber that was specially prepared to be the best material for log cabins. It can last through many years of rough Siberian weather – so our autumns and winters will be no trouble as well. Global log cabins – log cabins around the world should be trusted only with the timber that suits the weather – and Siberian timber is reliable for every one of them.

For when you need a simple but reliable solution, choose our quick log cabins and get a garden building of your dreams as soon as possible. Why wait to get everything right? Why wait, when everything is available here and now. Get the best options available, because they’re right here, waiting to be seen and waiting to be turned into reality.