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10 reasons

why dealers love doing business with us

sizable profit

100 % of our dealers earn a profit of a minimum of 20 % during the first year of co-operation with Eurodita.
What these smart dealers do is source a premium product for a low price and add a sizable margin on top of it. And their end-customers are never disappointed.

prime quality

100 % of our dealers report being happy with the quality of our log structures.
Only the finest Nordic timber, certified by the FSC, is used in production. And all production processes are fully computerized to avoid human errors.

peace of mind

99 % of our dealers are sleeping better after having teamed up with Eurodita.
Their orders are never late. And they no longer have to hear their end-customers complaining about missing or defective parts.


100 % of our dealers earn a profit of a minimum of 20 % during the first year of co-operation with Eurodita.
What these smart dealers do is source a premium product for a low price and add a sizable margin on top of it. And their end-customers are never disappointed.


95 % of our dealers have never experienced a delay in their orders from Eurodita.
In a tough market of delivery services, we always find a way. You will have the products at your warehouse in one to four weeks depending on order size and specifics.


Two-thirds of our dealers are interested in our exclusive dealership program.
This is an arrangement whereby you receive our products for the private label on the understanding that no other dealer will sell our product in your area.


“Eurodita”, a leading manufacturer of log cabins, garden sheds, and a variety of other log structures. Based in Lithuania (EU), “Eurodita” serves premium retailers like you throughout Europe and beyond. Before I say another word, I suggest you browse through our website at to familiarize with our assortment.

We offer a herculean assortment that includes log cabins and sheds, log houses, camping pods, garden summer houses, garden furniture, playhouses, BBQ huts, wooden carports and garages, wooden hot tubs, and many more great products made from finest Nordic timber. We remain your silent partner, while you sell the products under your own brand.

As a retailer, you don’t want any worries about complaints from end-customers. With Eurodita, you won’t have to deal with problems like missing or defective parts. Reliability, consistency and great customer service are the values that we stand behind, genuinely and firmly. As our near-future partner (I hope!), you will appreciate our deep commitment to a great B2B relationship.

23 years in market


Having started out in 1993 as a tiny Lithuanian manufacturer, today Eurodita is a reliable supplier of log cabins to leading dealers and retailers all around Western Europe. We are extremely proud to have ...

trusted in 50 countries


Eurodita Raises Standards for Thermally Insulated Cabins

 Log cabin living is no longer an emerging trend – it has global relevance and not just Europe, North & South America and Asian nations are ...


Contemporary log cabins

European Leaders in Pre-cut, Kit-assembled Log Homes Delivered Internationally
The outdoor housing marketplace is quickly evolving with more discerning consumers who are more aware about log homes. To ensure our dealers continue to remain competitive, always ready with a log structure solution, we are creating modern log cabins that cater to changing demands. These modern design buildings are available in different sizes, ensuring there is a wooden cabin for every demographic.

Mobile Homes

We are experts in the niche of making log mobile homes. These are the ideal replacements for traditionally constructed homes and present a wide array of advantages. Spotted often at camping sites, campgrounds, RV lots, trailer park locations, and vacationing landscapes, our Glulam timber mobile homes have won the trust of dealers around the world. Now sold across Europe, the US and Australia, these modular homes comply with global residential housing standards.

GluLam log houses

If you are considering adding glue laminated houses to your business’s inventory, you should form a B2B partnership with Eurodita. We will provide you with quality-made, prefabricated houses. We build all of our glue laminated housing kits using only quality materials that are durable and sturdy. Glue laminated houses are very popular now, especially in Germany, Japan, and Scandinavia because they are inexpensive and more durable than traditional log cabins. Glulam will last for a lifetime and You will not have to pay a fortune for it.

Made to measure log cabins

Mutually beneficial B2B relationships are of the utmost importance whether you are an entrepreneur looking to get your startup off the ground or a well-established business owner who wants to grow his company. That is why Eurodita specializes in working with people just like yourself to get them quality cabins and sheds that their consumers can use for a variety of purposes. With access to Eurodita’s versatile and well-constructed cabins and sheds, you will be able to increase your sales and grow your client base easily.

Camping pods

Nothing can hold a candle to tailor-made log cabins if you are eager to exceed expectations of your customers. Once you stock up on these structures at Eurodita and add them to your catalogue, all you will have to do is watch your profits go exponentially up. Our made to measure log cabins are made of the top-grade spruce and are available in an uncountable number of designs. They also come far cheaper than those of our competitors because we do value our B2B partners.

Standard Log Cabins

If you own a company that sells camping equipment and apparel, you should consider forming a B2B relationship with Eurodita. Over the past few years, “glamping” has been catching on with outdoor enthusiasts everywhere, and your business could suffer if you do not cater to these types of consumers. Our company builds quality camping pods for glampers made from Siberian spruce that are both stylish and comfortable, making them a must-buy item. 

Grill kota cabins/BBQ Huts

One good way a company specializing in selling home improvement items can boost their sales and increase profits is to sell outdoor cooking equipment. Many of your competitors likely sell charcoal and propane grills made of metal, but you can one-up them buying premade Kota log cabins and BBQ huts. With these structures, cookouts can be hosted anytime, rain or shine. We offer durable BBQ huts made from only the finest specimens of Siberian spruce, which is plentiful in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. This allows us and our partners to sell these items inexpensively, resulting in a mutually beneficial B2B relationship.

28mm Thickness Log Cabins

If you want to raise the level of satisfaction of your customer base, then you need to offer them products that are reliable and durable, especially if you sell pre-made houses. For nearly two decades now, Eurodita has been providing firms like yours with pre-made homes that are easy to assemble and are attractive to those looking for affordable cabins for weekend and holiday getaways. Our 28mm log cabins are not only well-designed and constructed, but they also come without our company label. Thanks to benefits such as these, customers everywhere are in the black due to their B2B relationships with Eurodita.

45mm Thickness Log Cabins

If you are looking to increase your business’s bottom line, you should consider forming a commercial relationship with our cabin construction company. Hundreds of firms all over the world have benefited from forming B2B relationships with Eurodita, and yours can, as well. People everywhere love Eurodita log cabins not only because of their rustic charm and natural beauty but also because of their utility. With these structures parked in your lot, clients will begin flocking to your business immediately!

19mm Thickness Log Cabins

Do you want to give a tremendous boost to your customer satisfaction score? Then Eurodita’s 19-mm log sheds are what you’ve been looking for! The outstanding quality and plethora of configurations of these cabins will leave your customers no choice but to snap all them up in no time. Since they are available as private label products, our 19-mm log sheds will definitely take your profit margin through the roof. Eurodita two decades of experience creating timber structures


Hot Tubs

If you want to add hot tubs to your inventory, you should form a B2B relationship with Eurodita. We know what consumers are looking for, which is why we have a stock of pinewood hot tubs that can be shipped out to your company at a moment’s notice. Our hot tubs are great for all types of clients because they can be used in their homes, in log cabins, or for weekend houses. What’s more, they are affordable, and they will ship to your business in one to four weeks.

Log houses

Whilst others never stop pushing their prices up, Eurodita is changing the game at the housing market. Our traditional log houses will definitely become the featured products at your store because they meet all the demands of customers in terms of affordability. Backed by German technologies, our construction methods allow us to make these homes 100% safe and durable. Besides, Eurodita’s traditional log houses sold under your brand will be a perfect fit for those who are going eco-friendly.

Log garages

If you are in the business of selling log garages, forming a B2B partnership with Eurodita is your best bet if you are looking to increase sales and boost profits. Our clients always have access to garages made from premium Siberian spruce, which is one of the most reliable construction materials in the world. What is more, every garage is built with pride by our professional tradesmen. With eleven different garages to choose from, each coming in multiple sizes, you are sure to find something your customers will want to buy.

Play houses

If you own a business, and your clients have families, forming a B2B relationship with Eurodita will be a great benefit to you because we sell wooden playhouses that are popular with children. Since our playhouses are well constructed and sightly, they will become mainstays in the yards of your customers for years to come. Word will spread throughout your community that your store is the best destination for yard appliances and equipment. Our clients have been able to increase their sales and better their relationships with their customers by collaborating with us, and you can, too.

Sauna Barrels

If you are a business owner in the home appliance industry who wants to add wooden saunas to your inventory, be sure you won’t find a more trusted supplier than Eurodita. For nearly two decades, we have been constructing wooden sauna barrels made from Siberian spruce that are highly sought after by entrepreneurs like yourself. By collaborating with our company, they have been able to add warm, wooden saunas to their catalogues that are affordable and popular with consumers. You can too if you decide to work with us. 

Timber Camping buses

Glampers like to camp in style, and if you cater to this portion of the sports and outdoors market, you need to form a partnership that will result in you getting the products these consumers want. Eurodita provides businesses all over the world with luxurious and comfortable timber camping buses constructed from quality materials that are proven to satisfy customers. Those wanting to improve their bottom line can significantly benefit by buying timber camping buses directly from Eurodita. Two decades of experience creating timber structures

Wooden Play Towers

Customers with families are always on the lookout for new toys for their kids. If they often walk into your store with children in tow, you should consider getting teamed up with Eurodita. We have a variety of wooden play towers that come with slides, swing-sets, and other features that both kids and parents will adore. With two decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, we can guarantee you that these play towers will help you increase your business’s profits.

Wooden garden furniture

Your home and garden improvement store is not complete unless you have garden furniture in your lot for your customers to see. That is why we sell wooden outdoor furniture that is eye-appealing and sturdily built to business owners who collaborate with us. Many entrepreneurs all over the world have established meaningful B2B relationships with Eurodita and, as a result, they have been able to fill their stores and raise their bottom line with garden furniture crafted by experienced hands.

Timber Carports

When your customers are looking to find an easy and affordable way to shelter their vehicles and boats from the wind, rain, and snow, you can provide them with spacious timber carports made by Eurodita. Cooperating with our company will give you access to carports of multiple sizes, allowing you to reach more customers than you ever before could. Our B2B relationships with entrepreneurs all over the world allow us to help people just like you get the products they need to maintain successful operations.

Sauna Pods

Glamping has become very popular with those who love staying outdoors, and many bring along sauna pods on their trips. Establishing a B2B partnership with Eurodita will allow you to meet the needs of these customers because we build quality sauna pods that are in high demand all over the world. A multitude of our clients have been able to attract new customers and keep old ones thanks to our outstanding wooden sauna pods built by our first-class craftsmen.


eurodita - your #1 supplier

Eurodita offers prime quality log structures and wooden furniture to retailers and dealers all over the world. We are an innovative company aimed at providing businesses with the best timber products and impeccable customer service. If you are looking for log cabin homes, garden sheds, gazebos, garages, camping pods or wooden garden furniture, we are ready to offer you many options. In case you can’t find exactly what you need, we will be happy to accept your custom order. Just give us your idea, and we will make it a reality.

Premium timber products

Being a B2B company, we care much about the quality of our products since we know how much our dealers value their good reputation. Besides, we want to build long-term and trustworthy relationships with all companies interested in partnering with us, that’s why good service is also one of our key priorities. All our employees, from carpenters to managers, are hardworking and diligent professionals who strive for nothing but excellence in everything they do. Thus, if you choose us as a supplier for your business, you won’t have to worry about any product you order, be it a log cabin or a sauna barrel.

why choose eurodita

So far, owing to the quality of our products and low prices, each and every dealer has earned a profit of at least 20% during the first year of partnership with Eurodita.
All dealers, as well as their customers, report to be satisfied with our products. Whether you are looking for sheds, cabins or log homes to buy, the quality of our structures will not disappoint you.
We offer a wide assortment of products, and as a rule, our customers find what they are looking for. In case you are unable to find the right product, with any questions you have.