Mobile Home Great Ouse 1Bedroom

Eurodita has established itself as the global manufacturer of moving log structures, catering to residential camping solution dealers and leisure living log homes sellers


Eurodita Mobile Home Great House can be driven around or towed across long distances. It is easy to set-up anywhere; in the middle of shepherding grounds, along with the lake, or right on the coast. The ability to withstand harsh weather owing to well-insulated walls and robust construction features highly advertised by log house dealers. The caravanning home has been found in more significant residential complexes where property owners want easy-moving log structures for seasonal guest housing or to create a man-cave or man-dens for sporting activities and private warehousing.


  • Natural Lodging: This mobile log home is the best form of nature lodging. Use of the most beautiful quality timber provides the aura of wilderness camping and living in a tree-house is mated with the best amenities for a safe stay
  • Easy Installation: This cellular log unit is available with complete materials and easy to understand instructions. For property managers needing seasonal housing for industrial workers or vacationing crowds, these drive-around cabin homes are the perfect fit
  • Log Thickness: Eurodita leads the timber frame mobile home marketplace with its emphasis on using natural logs—our retailers love us for the extra log thickness without inflating the price! This means longer lifespan and less caring with additional weather-proofing features


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Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 5870x9270mm

Wall thickness:90 mm

Wall height: 2210 mm

Roof pitch (degree + Total cottage altitude): 13 deg.+ 2849 mm

Roof thickness:20+100+20 mm, prepared for insulation

Floor thickness: 20+100+ 28 mm, prepared for insulation

Rafters dimensions and quantity: 70 x 200 mm, five units

Front extension of the canopy:300 mm

The area of a roof: 66.1 mt. sq.

Windows and doors quality Glulam timber with double-glazed units

Windows and doors dimensions and quantity: 1200×1200(x2), 1600×2050, 600×1200(x2), 600×600, 860×2050(x3) mm

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