Mobile Home Clyde 3Bedrooms

Eurodita is the wholesale supplier leader in the log structure marketplace providing the best transportable Glulam log houses to private label resellers. Expect the best quality at bulk rates


With its highly customizable designs and the vast array of models, the Eurodita Mobile Home Clyde with 3 Bedroom offers an affordable and accessible solution for people partaking in cross-country driving, long-distance travelling, caravanning clubs, and the RV life enthusiasts. This transportable Glulam log house is more sustainable and easier to maintain than any conventional housing structure—a big reason why leisure camping site developers are ordering this mobile park home in bulk. The hassle-free assemblage and ease of setting-up anywhere further make the deal hard to resist!


  • Lodge in Style: Property investors are into buying this moving log house to lease or rent out to prospective clients. The unit is ideal for creating outdoor holiday experiences, especially for those who want to try nomadic travelling and exploring lifestyle.
  • All Terrain Readiness: From alpine zones to wetlands, highlands, lowlands, and across deserted highways, our log cabin dealers have been able to sell this mobile log cabin for any movable home requirement, thanks to the structure’s incredible strength
  • Quality Logs: Eurodita transportable log unit is prepared to outlast the harshest weather. Expect more stability and insulation in the log cabin with more moisture resistance and longevity even when hauled across longer distances


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Technical Specifications:

·       Dimensions (width x length): 6960 x 14000 mm

·       Wall thickness: 90 mm

·       Wall height: 2210 mm

·       Roof pitch (degree + Total cottage altitude): 13 deg. + 2975 mm

·       Roof thickness: 20+100+ 20 mm, prepared for insulation

·       Floor thickness: 20+100+ 28 mm, prepared for insulation

·       Rafters dimensions and quantity: 70 x 200 mm, five units

·       Front extension of the canopy: 300 mm

·       The area of a roof: 113.5 mt. sq.  

·       Windows and doors quality Glulam timber with double-glazed units

·       Windows and doors dimensions and quantity: 1200×1200(x5), 860×2050(x7), 800×800, 1600×2050, 600×600(x2) mm

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