Scandinavian style Glulam Log house Uvdal

Available log cabin wall thickness:
  • 200mm Glulam

Scandinavian style Glulam Log house Uvdal

  • Wall thickness: 200mm Premium quality Laminated logs
  • Eurodita Laminated Log house Uvdal wall size: 12.6m x12.3m
  • Log house side wall height 2.6m
  • Log house ridge height 4.2m
  • Windows and doors 68mm European standard
  • Standard Log house set include:
  • Outside walls 200x260mm thickness, inside walls in 200mm thickness, floor boards, roof boards, laminated timber windows and doors.
  • Log house timber not treated or painted.

Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

We have our jobs. We have our hobbies. The luckiest people out there do them both all at the same time. Yet there are multiple people who don‘t work at their jobs and they do not do their hobbies but they‘re still working hard and they get no reward. It is often said that in his lifetime a man should raise a child, plant a tree and build a house. But if you work long hours and you need a garden house, you need to go differently. Tell us, do you have a hobby working multiple hours building structures, working you are every muscle for a project that takes not only lots of your effort and time but also lots of money?

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