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From our carpenters to our managers, these are the hard-working professionals who have built the Eurodita success story. Because each and every one of them performs their tasks to perfection, you get to sell an impeccable product. And you get to sleep well because your end-customers will no longer bother you with complaints. Instead, they will be coming for more!


Having started out in 1994 as a tiny Lithuanian manufacturer, today Eurodita is a reliable supplier of log cabins to leading dealers and retailers all around Western Europe. We are extremely proud to have earned your trust. You demand nothing less than world-class standards, and this is what we have learned to deliver. Our success is the cumulative sum of thousands of interactions with smart and demanding dealers.

Being disliked
by competitors

The international giants of the log cabins market have a problem with us. You see, we sell similar standard log cabins, except our business model allows us to sell cheaper. And, in business, nothing is more terrifying than a competitor who is more efficient than you. So in 2015 the Dutch company Tuindeco decided to sue us, but the court found their plagiarism accusation to be unfounded. The winner is you! More on this story here


As a B2B manufacturing company, we always remain the silent partner, and you - the dealer - get all the credit for the products. The ‘private label’ way of doing business can only be successful if it is built on mutual trust. We never disclose our partnership arrangements to third parties, so that you can develop your brand, deciding on your own terms whether to disclose your source of supply.

Our log

Whichever line of the market you are in, you will definitely find what you need in our herculean assortment of more than 600 unique products: Log Cabins and Sheds, Standard Cabins, Log Houses, Camping Pods, Garden Summer Houses, Garden Furniture, Play Houses, BBQ Huts, Wooden Carports and Garages, Wooden Hot Tubs and Wooden Pavilions, and many other structures produced from finest Nordic timber.

Our global

As a company, we are deeply rooted in Lithuania where all the production processes take place up to this day. But our sales network now covers markets of about 50 countries. Currently our dealer network is strongest in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands. We are currently consolidating our positions in the markets of Australia, New Zealand, Japan and USA.

Eurodita is fueled by a vision that thrives on passionately working towards creating beautiful log structures, eager to collaborate with dealers across all geographies and scale-of-operations. Read ahead and understand the Eurodita story so far and why we feel sure about being ahead of the competition…

Log Structure Specialists | Driven by Passion

We are not a Fortune 500 enterprise with branches across every continent. However, we are a high-integrity team, a log structure manufacturing specialist with global footprints. The magic lies in our team. From the newest team members to carpenters who were there when the foundation was laid more than 20 years ago, we continue to grow, as a closely-knit team. We are hard-working professionals who want to deliver the best across every order. Each member performs a defined series of task to perfection. The end result is an impeccable product. Every successful delivery is the perfect fuel to keep us motivated. We don’t term Eurodita as another ‘success story’ – we have just started and not just Europe, we want to be considered the new industry standard to beat, internationally…

You Helped Us Evolve | We Reciprocate the Trust

We started in 1994 as a small Lithuanian manufacturer. Our origins remain humble, we had a little legacy or a famous title to use, but still, Eurodita has emerged as the top European maker and log cabins supplier to leading dealers and retailers. This wouldn’t be possible without the support of our clients who have to understand our quality-first approach. Even now, when we take upon bigger, bulk orders, the standards for quality are never compromised. Whether it is a single-room log shed or an elaborate sports arena log building, each timber unit is manufactured by specialists. Our dealers get the assurance of world-class products, ready to be outfitted in the most demanding conditions, ready to impress the most discerning users. Designing thousands of made-to-measure, standard-sized and customized floor plan units means we have great insight into what the end user demands. We are always ready to collaborate and understand the market more, from your perspective too.

We Like Comparisons | Envy Makes Us Stronger

We are positioned uniquely in the log home marketplace, providing end-to-end manufacturing solutions with utmost transparency about the quality and pricing. Some of the bigger brands in the international arena might have a problem with how we are creating traction for nearly every type of log cabins, offering more features than what seemed like an industry standard, until recently. Our floor plan designs stand unchallenged with their simplicity and room for customization while similar-scaled log homes meet and surpass the marketplace expectations for insulation performance and structural strength. From ancestral companies in the business to emerging collaborations among the competitors, we continue to outperform the contenders. Our ability to deliver at-par quality and more value-for-money continues to create some friction. We are not averse to such sentiments, concerned only about our loyal dealers. Some time back, in 2015, a Dutch company decided to sue us, but it was apparent that the plagiarism accusation was unfounded and it was highly probable that the lawsuit attempt was borne out of mere intent to halt our aggressive inroads into the timber log industry. We continue with our approach, unaffected by such challenges…

Full-scale Manufacturing Solutions | Committed to Your Success

Log home building contractors and private label sellers often feel apprehensive about how B2B manufacturing can be stifling, not allowing them to market their individual brands along with maintaining a significant pricing advantage. We take pride in our promise of being your silent partner. Not just the manufacturing background, we ensure that nothing from our contractual agreements is poached. All business data is guarded fiercely. We value your support and feel happy to be your silent dealer, ensuring that you get everything expected from a manufacturing supplier. This business model is based on mutual trust and we continue to build upon it. We never disclose our partnership arrangements/terms of engagement in any way. You get the assurance of a dedicated timber solutions supply chain that will continue to keep your inventory rich, with maximum scope for private branding and driving more profitability on each unit sold.

True Log Structure & Timber Solutions Supplier

Precision cutting, mastery in milling, space-smart floor plans, genuine timber, and the use of the latest woodworking technologies—these are just some of the features for which our patrons applaud us. While the more advertised log cabin building brands have been busy with winning more awards with invasive promotions, we have invested more efforts in curating our inventory. While our closest competitors have been trying to soften the competition, we continue to make our products more relevant for the B2B buyers. The product diversity at Eurodita stands unchallenged. There is no manufacturing unit in this domain that provides such a well-structured platform to bulk order more than 600 unique products. Choices include: Log Cabins, Sheds & Warehouses, Log Sports Buildings, Standard Cabins, Log Homes, Camping & Glamping Pods, Garden Houses, Winter Homes, Garden Furniture, Play Houses, BBQ Huts, Carports & Garages, and Wooden Hot Tubs apart from Wooden Pavilions, and more log structures made from genuine Nordic timber. Our log cabin kits are regarded as the simplest to assemble—an industry standard for the European market.

No Marketplace is Beyond Us

We are deeply rooted in Lithuania and gained prominence in Northern Europe first. With improving production standards, we soon grabbed attention across Eastern and Central Europe, offering modular log building solutions at prices that were hard-to-resist. Soon, our sales network branched ahead and now it covers regional markets in about 50 countries, supplying to all European territories and beyond. Currently, our dealer network remains the strongest across the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands. However, we have been consolidating our supplier network in highly competed markets of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the USA too. Today, our wholesale timber structure products are being shipped to many international locations, some mainstream and others that are remote, often outside the scope of other log cabin building brands.

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Comprehensive Manufacturing Solutions | Benefit from a Collaboration-ready Mindset

We understand that economic slowdowns, poor market sentiments, and other regional challenges will continue to take a toll on businesses. When struggling, retailers like you need support. Often this is in the form of processing an urgent, but low-volumes order. There are phases when dealers need to impress probable clients with breakthrough floor plans. We ensure you get support in your entire journey, from the point of viewing our inventory, placing an order and if needed, support for project management associated with delivering the log structure to an end user. We are ready to collaborate outside the scope of traditional manufacturer-retailer relationships. We provide the maximum scope for customizing log home designs while additional charges for logistically-challenged shipping orders is kept at the lowest. We ensure that our dealers can provide fully-furnished log homes or cabins with minimal costing.

True B2B Wholesalers Serving Retailer/Resellers/Private Label Sellers/Dealers

Eurodita has the answers! Dealers working with professionally managed glamping sites often complain about the lack of camping pods that are ready to take upon unexplored terrains. Retailers handling institutional queries for larger-scaled log buildings rue missed sales opportunities due to lack of more floor plan designs. Expect our team of experts to have more answers than the ordinary wholesaler for similar issues. From handling log cabin assembly problems due to complex local building guidelines to kinks within the delivery location, our business model is dynamic enough to handle the most unexpected challenges. As a comprehensive manufacturing solutions provider, we ensure the log structure building process is leverage to your advantage. You can dictate some style choices. Your preferred designs can be worked into a modeling project underway. Even if you are new into the industry, our B2B platform allows you to borrow from our experience. Globally, this is being recognized as one of the rare log home industry services where retailers get all-inclusive support from an overseas manufacturer.

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