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Eurodita Log Houses: The Leader a Smart Dealer Deserves

The genius of simplicity. Your customers will be amazed how easy – as if it was a lego – it is to assemble these beautiful houses. All the houses are constructed from premium quality Nordic timber. Every smart dealer will be happy to sell these at a price that makes all parties happy.

Key difference: Each house is designed and manufactured individually according to the ideas/drawings of the client. At our disposal, we have a strong team of architects that will take care of all the necessary calculations and permissions so that the house meets all the local standards and legal requirements.

We have many types of customizations you can choose from – the type of timber that is going to be used – whether hand-crafted or milled. Either classical or modern. You can pick the design too, so your vision can completely come to life. Each and every one of the wooden houses we will produce for you will be only the highest quality product, every grill house, every summerhouse and every log cabin we have ever made was built with quality in mind.

Trust Eurodita Sheds Direct for your next purchase of wholesale log cabins. We offer great customization and flawless quality as well as the quick shipping and no logos on our products – no logos on wholesale log cabins only mean that after all your effort on planning, choosing the right materials and the right company to build these garden sheds for you, you will reap the benefits. Trust our garden cabins – let your next project to be done by Garden Sheds Direct.

Log house Boceto

How often, when trying to build something from timber, a nasty nail ruins all the fun? How often do you hit your finger with a hammer and how often nails get lost? The list of disadvantages that nails bring goes on and on and on… And the main people still use them is that it is difficult to find an alternative. However, if you‘re looking for a great log cabin for any purpose, trust the advantages of interlocking buildings. Interlocking log cabins have many great advantages over other option. First and foremost, when it‘s available, it will last. There‘s nothing that can rust because it is all about the joints that go together and fix itself into a structure. If exposed to sun, wind or rain, nails will get old and won’t be anywhere as reliable. This won‘t happen to good interlocking buildings, as the wood is strong and reliable and a good interlocking structure stays the same, no matter the weather conditions. We have log buildings planet Earth could not destroy with those basic little things.

And secondly, with “Eurodita” log cabins, it‘s just too simple not to use it. Get rid of those awful pieces of metal, and pick out one of the interlocking buildings we offer you. The building process is simple, put two pieces together, add a little push – and you‘re done. Log buildings planet offers will be just brilliant for you.

Our “Eurodita” log cabins offer some amazing quality. Your log house can be built easily and cheaply, and thanks to the great system of interlocking buildings, we offer it to you right now. Look at the list of wooden houses, pick the one you like, and easily have one standing tall in your garden in no time. And no matter what you‘re looking for – it can be a simple wooden shed or a big garden house, you know you will be easily able to build it. Because not everything has to be complicated. In this case, building a house can be easy. Bet you never thought this day would come? Log buildings planet of various and brilliant offers come here just for you.

Everyone, who has built something from timber, has quite a bad relationship with nails. They bend when you did not hit them properly, you hit your fingers when you don‘t hit them properly at all. They rust and they break, and if you accidentally placed one of them in the wrong place, you‘re in trouble if you try to get it out. Surely, after all those years of practising and learning from the past, and witnessing the troubles and the pain, someone has to have a better way to get a log cabin, right? We surely have it. Easy to build log cabin is a great option that gets rid out of nails and still remains to be lightweight.

All the wooden houses you see here, are made with this system. It is not easy to build log cabins like this yourself. However, with our experts, who made this system possible for such great prices, that seems like a no-brainer. Our easy to build log cabins are cheap and durable under any weather.

And there are many choices of them, so no matter what you are looking for, you can always be sure you will get some great quality. Whether it is a simple garden shed you are looking for, or it is a big garden house that‘s on your mind, everything is made better when nails are substituted for insulation systems. The “Eurodita” log cabins are a great garden house choice.

And does this thing cost a lot? Absolutely not. Thanks to the years of experience and research, “Eurodita” log cabins are capable to offer you the best log cabins and garden buildings for great prices, and the interlocking systems come together with it. It is difficult to do it all on your own so we come to help. Look around all the easy to build log cabins we offer to this site and pick your future house you will absolutely love. Your future house that can be constructed easily and that will last you decades.

Building a log shed can seem like an easy mission. And sometimes – it can be just like that. However, after days of hard work, money spent and time wasted, the vision in your head doesn‘t always transfer to reality. And big money spent is often not too pleasing. And after a few years, such log sheds ask for some extra work around them, and if it is not done, they suddenly can turn into unsafe places to go to. Wasting time, wasting money AND risking the health and maybe even life of you and those around you? That is not a smart move. You need some great log sheds in your life. And we believe we know just what to offer.

Here in our site, we sell great log sheds you can easily rely on. Reliable interlocking log sheds can last for decades, without any need to fix it. No rusty nails and no pain in working with them. That definitely is some logical thinking.

It is also highly difficult to get the right materials. Simple timber with always be a good option, however, ever-changing weather, rain, sun and even snow can cause timber quality to decline. This is not a problem for Siberian timber we use in our log cabins. You have to use only the best materials to create some great log sheds, and we believe we fulfilled our mission. These materials are being used in Siberian countries, who use their timber for pretty much every single of their housing needs. And with weather conditions so difficult, you know they appreciate something that is reliable.

We understand that different people have different needs, so there are many great designs to choose from – our “Eurodita” log cabins will please every taste. All timber houses you see here are made out of the highest quality Siberian timber and use the most advanced systems engineered by probably best experts in this business. Everything made to send some seriously good log sheds along your way. Trust us, if you‘re looking for one.

New garden ornament – awesome log cabins

Do you want to create a stylish garden and feel comfortable in it and smartly? „Eurodita“  log cabins already take care of their customers and offer high-quality prefabricated log cabin. This is the latest technology for those who are fond of quality, comfort and ecology. Awesome log cabins are adaptable on any area or place and provide not only beauty but also functionality. Weather and locations mean nothing for best log cabins.

Our offer garden houses you can quickly pick ant it already can be used. The package includes all the necessary details and logs, and windows and doors will be fully equipped with locks, handles and locks. Our houses can be offered not only wooden sheds or residential home, it’s also great gazebos, garages, caravans. Everything you need for convenient and high-quality entertainment.

„Eurodita“  log cabins offer awesome log cabin is perfect for small gardens, where you come to relax and take a break from the noise of the city. For the production of high-quality technology and the highest quality materials, this small joy you can enjoy not only the warm season, and when the leaves fall from the window, or snowflakes.

Our mission – to ensure that the international market, customers are offered only high-quality prefabricated houses. This type of products is recognized not only for customers, but also the quality of the evaluators in the world. Strive to make their customer’s awesome log cabin is not just like it, but gladden their price and functionality. To continually innovate, developing new technologies and expanding our selection of the proposed building. That each customer can choose his needs and opportunities corresponding to the purchase. „Eurodita“  log cabins are your best log cabins expert.

Which of clock house log cabins is best for you?

Are you looking for something new and want to try the best technology of these days? „Eurodita“  log cabins offer contemporary thinking about the advantage of wooden houses. Are you wondering, what kind of garden houses is perfect for you? We have a lot of houses in different design and sizes. We also hope that every customer can find something for him in our e-shop.

„Eurodita“  offers to you access to our production and to decide for themselves which clock house wooden house you the most suitable and best able to fulfil your expectations.

  • Log Cabin. This option will suit those looking for a simple garden house. „Eurodita“   log cabins can offer small garden houses of high-quality wood, which does not take up a lot of space inside, but comfortably accommodate all accessories and a few garden chairs and a table.
  • Children’s Playhouse. Do you want your children to feel the same way as in the movie, and they have a place to play? Clock house log cabins can be an excellent choice. The installation of this house with the highest safety requirements, so your kids can play for days without worrying. All children are dreaming about the perfect place for them to play. That place could be a small garden house in your garden. And it could make your children wishes come true.
  • Wooden pergolas. Calm summer evening, I want to enjoy the company of the evening freshness, you need a high-quality wooden furniture which is not only long-lasting but also contains a considerable number of people.
  • Residential log house. Although the widespread belief that the house cannot be collected in a residential, experts have long refuted this myth. Functional high-end house clock log cabins meets all the highest standards. Here you will find not only the habitat but also a kitchen, storage room or even the garage.
  • The climate is changing, and denying that is getting more and more difficult. Unlike, we would enjoy it, we probably won‘t live in a great tropical paradise. That‘s not what the climate change is all about. What we‘re about to get is extreme weather. The summers will be unbearable with heat and the winters will be cold like you‘ve just travelled two thousand miles north. And in the middle of that, hurricanes and storms will appear more and more often. This weather here stopped being all about a little wind and rain. And in this time, you need to make sure everything you build for your future is strong and can withstand it. This is why when you‘re looking a log cabin, garden house or a log shed, strong wood houses can easily help you out.
  • We understand that constructing such a building all on your own can prove difficult. It takes a lot of skill and time to get it right. So we went a step ahead and built strong wood houses that can last. Wind and rain definitely won‘t be a trouble, and constructing them will be really easy. Get a big and strong wooden house and don‘t be afraid of storms. “Eurodita” log cabins are a perfectly suited option.
  • When the winter comes, you need something that can not only last through it, but what can also go through big weather and temperature changes. Which is why in this case, we trusted the Siberian wood. Their timber is used in all of those log cabins, and these countries use it themselves for their houses. These northern lands with long winters we talk about here. They know what to use and we trust them because they‘re the experts of it.
  • So look around the choices “Eurodita” log cabins got for you. Every single one of those strong wood houses will stand tall and do the job. It‘s up to you, what is it going to be. Step ahead and choose a reliable and attractive option for your future.



Small log cabins – a few years, started a new idea is not only to cottages but residence at the building, a sauna and a playground. „Eurodita“ log cabin company discovered a reliable and advanced technology to offer their products and try to be sure. Small Clock House log cabins can make your daily life a new, convenient way of life.

Our costumers like us because we always listen to our costumer’s vision. We want to find the best way to create our costumer’s dream houses in their gardens. Our fabricated log house will surprise you because:

– This is a unique, long-standing practice that has founded many foreign markets, and the type of wooden houses have been widely applied in various countries.

Clock House log cabins are easily collected because we will be sent for your package with all the ready-quality parts. Package includes not only written but also doors and mounted hoops. You do not have to worry about locks, handles, or new keys, all of which have to be ready for use.

– This house and decorate the garden plot and will not require any more additional preparation or decoration. Feel free to choose a design in your log cabin in the garden. It will look perfect with any design you love in your house.

– Do not worry about the change – „Eurodita“ log cabin can make sure the log cabins independent only during the summer period. Panorama of the winter, you can even stay in one of these houses, you have to insulate the walls and ceiling to reinforce everything else – for all seasons. Forget garden which is good just in summer, take our small garden houses.

„Eurodita“  Clock House log cabins environmentally friendly, so this purchase to contribute to nature conservation. And also it is friendly for people because you don`t find any dust in your wooden garden house. All women dream comes true with it.

Very often, when we hear the word “garden buildings”, we imagine a building, that is really simple, that can be built quickly, that easily fits into a landscape and that, sadly, is only useful when the weather outside is warm. Apparently, the majority of garden buildings are useless is you try to live in them when the weather is poor. We want to change the way people think about log cabins. We proudly want to say that insulated log cabins exist. And you use them all year long.

Surely, insulation alone won’t help you, but it’s a great starting ground. We worked really hard to give our log cabins the best possible insulation so the warmth generated inside of the building stays, you get warm and you save money. It’s a great option for everyone looking for an alternative option to live. Good insulation, some heating inside, and in winters, your house will look charming outside and will stay warm inside.

The design of these log houses is classical and it doesn’t get old. That’s very alike to the materials we used in our insulated log cabins. Only the finest Siberian timber has been used in the creation of these wooden houses. Same Siberian timber from the countries that use it for their own houses and who endure the harshest winters there is to imagine. If you’re looking for something to last you through many winters, Siberian timber is a way to go.

And lastly, we have to take a nod at the price. Not only these log cabins are cheap on their own, they are also saving lots of energy. You can put heating into any kind of garden house but our option with highest quality insulation will save a lot of your time. And with a wooden house that easies to build, you’re also saving your time. “Eurodita” log cabins care for you and your log cabin needs.

Look around our offers and pick one of our insulated log cabins. They can last for many years!


Think smart and think big. Wooden houses can be a pain to build. You work all day long and you want, no – you need to have a house for your garden. What do you do? Do you sit down and try to draw a plan for yourself? Do you design all on your own? Do you go out and look just for the right timber and other things needed for building?

Lastly – are you interested in building it all on your own at taking weeks, if not months to do all of it right, only to understand that in fact, it didn’t, and your garden log cabin is nowhere close to how you thought it would look like? Many people, who try to go with this, “smart” route, usually end up just like that. And it’s not necessarily bad and it doesn’t show a weakness.

The building is not only difficult, it takes up a lot of effort and a lot of time. And nobody wants to waste anyone those. Also, the money comes into question – sometimes doing it all on your own can prove to be expensive. Putting all those things together, it is understood, why many people don’t bother with building and choosing everything from scratch. And we realize why people come to us. Our log cabins kits are a smart and inexpensive choice for those who look for a beautiful garden house.

We like to keep things simple but not boring. There are many designs for you to choose from. Our log cabins kits come in many shapes and sizes. And no matter which one do you pick, you surely will find constructing your garden house absolutely easy. Connection systems used in the log cabins kits are easy to use, don’t use any nails and can stay strong and stable for many years. Pick the ever-reliable “Eurodita” log cabins Pick out the design that suits you most, and be sure that it will easily fit into any landscape, will be easy and fast to construct and will stand tall for many years. That is a smart option for smart people.


Are you looking for the local summer holiday or a short rest from the daily routine? Awesome log cabin from „Eurodita“ can become your haven of relaxation and respite. This innovative technology is recognized in many countries around the world. Lithuanian market for office and home garden not only have to climb to the peak of popularity and is especially valued for its quality and durability.

It`s time to forget the garden cottages, which are intended for earth-moving tools and workwear clothing store. „Eurodita“ log cabins offers can make sure that awesome log cabin can become not only shelter but also a great place to live during the summer and somewhat insulated and new windows – a small house stops you and the cold season.

The market sold the modern wooden house can be delivered to any location convenient to you. Then roll up your sleeves, and it remains to gather a garden decoration. All sold in garden sheds are delivered by instalments with 3D instruction, so grab the details and good mood. Hassle-free to make this work, because all are waiting for you inside the house ready for the project: logs, boards, floors and ceilings. Also glad to have found of whole windows and doors with handles, locks and keys. For high-quality components and detailed instructions not notice how your awesome log cabin will become a reality.

Choose our more than 20 years experience in the international market the products. We care about our customers, we are constantly updating their product range, so that everyone, even the pickiest customer can enjoy an eventful rest in our comfortable, modern cottages created. „Eurodita“  log cabins can show you, what the best rest is in the garden. Garden doesn`t mean just work anymore. Now it`s also the best place to feel close to nature.

It would be great if we were able to use our favourite things for as much as it is possible. Your favourite shoes would be suited for every weather and would last forever and that amazing t-shirt would always look like it’s new. However, sometimes it is not possible and some things just tend to not fit for every day. However, if you’re building a garden house, you want it to be useful for as long as it is possible. The sad point is, most of those houses are not built to last long. A lot of them are not ready for winter and therefore can only be comfortable when the weather outside is warm. If you’re one of the people who want to get the best out of everything, and this doesn’t seem like anything close to enough, then consider choosing an insulated wood cabin out of our catalogue.

It saves energy and makes your log cabin a great choice for parties and gatherings all around the year. It has all the advantages of an actual house so yes, you can easily live in that as well. Our “Eurodita” log cabins are built to please and last. The build quality is second to none, and the interlocking systems not only make this log cabin very easy to construct, it also is very reliable, no matter what weather conditions might happen. Spring and autumn storms, or winter hills of snow, no matter what, this insulated log cabin will stand strong through all of this.

And of course, all is done while using only the best materials possible. The Siberian timber used in the construction of these houses is the best thing to use if you need something to last through the winter – after all, the Siberian countries know a thing or two about that season.

If you’re looking an insulated log cabin that can be built easily, wouldn’t cost a fortune to get and take care of, then you’re at the right place. “Eurodita” log cabins offers are here for the taking!

Building your own house is definitely a great thing. The result is something people dream about for years. When you finally make it happen, it is surely an amazing thing. However, it often proves to be difficult and the results are very often unsatisfying. And the amount of time needed can sometimes extend to not months, but years. There surely must be a better way to get your own house quickly. A way to build a simple but beautiful log cabin without any fuss. There is. And we offer it. Interlocking log houses is a reliable and simple take on log cabins. They are one of the best log buildings world has ever seen.

Constructing them is strikingly easy. Building your own cabin using our interlocking log houses is a breeze. Forget the long evenings trying to nail something down or spending days on one simple construction. Our interlocking log houses use simple, yet reliable systems that make them probably the best option if you’re looking for a simple wooden house. Log buildings world is open for you to choose the best

The designs you can see on our site have been created by the people who definitely know, how a good log cabin should look like. It’s a style that doesn’t get old. Slick and simple, these log cabins will remain good looking for years to come. These might just be the best log cabins world has ever seen.

And lastly, it’s all about the quality and price. We use only the highest quality timber to make them look and feel right. The Nordic countries are one of the world’s leaders to when it comes to high-quality timber for houses and log cabins, and you can trust the quality. We did it all with keeping the price point low. Brilliant designs, easy construction and great materials all come together to offer you the best interlocking log houses there are to find. Look around our offers and pick the log cabin of your future. We believe, that a simple, yet brilliant option will definitely fit your needs. “Eurodita” log cabins your ultimate log house choice.


Log cabins advice

Let’s meet. We are „Eurodita“  – log cabins advice market their products and services offering for more than 20 years. Prefabricated log homes consistently more popular, we get more and more questions and inquiries from customers who want to order a new product but do not know what is the garden house, and how it can be used properly.

  1. Do I really need a folding log cabin?

The Garden House – prefabricated wooden building, made of high-quality wood. If you have a garden or plot, so you need a folding log cabin. It is your dwelling, shelter gazebo, garage and sauna.

  1. How to choose a garden house?

We offer several different thicknesses of garden houses. Help you select the right of our consultant, but you have to know where and how you use your house. However, if you are going to insulate it and live in it in the winter, it is better to choose thicker and more resistant to temperature changes option.

  1. How do I get a garden house?

Garden sheds are delivered to your home for free. Once you get to the site can choose „Eurodita“ log cabins the box and just ordered your purchase immediately. Throughout Lithuania deliver products free of charge, so after a few days, you will be able to enjoy the new garden lodge.

  1. How to install a garden house?

Innovative garden houses are unique and distinguished by the fact that this collection of residential houses, which is convenient and easy to install.  We add 3 D guide, which will easily and simply be assembled house. If you have any questions, log cabins advice always can help you!

„Eurodita“  log cabins are all you need if you are really thinking about house garden. We know how to make your garden beauty, good for work and warm in all of the years seasons. Trust our experience and professional workers.


Building a house very often looks like a huge investment that many of us won‘t even do in our entire lives. It‘s expensive, it takes a lot of time and the result might not be worth effort, a lot of people say. But what if we got all of those aforementioned things and made them disappear? What if getting your very own log house can suddenly turn out to be inexpensive, quick and definitely worth the effort? It sounds like an impossible, isn’t it? Not for us. Not anymore.

Log houses are an economical choice for those looking for a house, but even that might prove to be expensive. All the planning, getting all the materials right and then come the long weeks of the building process. Every day drains your energy and your wallet. Our prefabricated homes are just the right option.

Every single one of the designs you see on the site is made by the people who know just how garden homes have to look and how they should be built. They are professionals of their work. The engineering team made sure that you would be easily able to build this house all by yourself. And our log houses turned out to be a great option, that is easy to build and that fits right into every landmark.

Trust our quality – we use only the best Siberian timber there is to find, and the log houses built with it are strong, reliable and good looking. The local people from those countries use the timber for their homes as well – it is a popular and well-beloved option in the countries, who really know a lot about timber and log cabins. So you know you’re getting something you can trust on. You can trust the “Eurodita” log cabins.

Numerous designs you can see on this site will look just as good in reality. So look around our offers and pick the wooden house you like the most. We will make sure it will be ready for you and it will be brilliant. Pick the best!

Building a garden house can be really expensive. Planning, getting ready, hiring people, designing, looking for materials and covering all other expenses. At the end of the day, your “little garden getaway” turns out to be far more expensive than you ever intended. It happens very often – doing everything all by yourself can prove to be real money consuming. And not only that. Here in this company, we vow to save your money twice. Once – because it’s cheap. Second time – because it’s quick. And with this, you save loads of time. Time equals money, so, therefore, any interlocking wood cabin you buy here will save you money more than once.

How do we make it possible? Every interlocking wood cabin here has been specially made to be just as good, and very often even better than any regular house of the same size. It is capable of withstanding various weather conditions, such as strong winds and storms, and the interlocking system makes sure that no metal nails are being used in the most crucial spots of the wooden house. That means that there’s nothing that can rust or break, when exposed to humidity and affected by its presence. It’s a great system that makes this interlocking wood cabin a great option for many years. It‘s going to rain, and the wind will blow no matter what. So it is better to take a reliable option. Log cabins world is open for you to choose – pick the best and the most reliable option.

“Eurodita” log cabins use only the highest quality Siberian timber for our interlocking garden houses. We know that only the best materials and the best designs can offer the greatest results. After all, it is a garden house we speak about. Quality is key because we want that your wooden shed, purchased here, would stand tall for long years as a monument for our quality. We hope to offer the best log cabins world has to show. Here, we stand for quality and our “Eurodita” log cabins world are the ultimate monument of that.

No matter what kind of interlocking log cabin interests you in particular – “Eurodita” log cabins offer a great variety of designs. Pick your favourite!


When we get to build something, we look forward to using it as much as we can. When we buy something, we do the same thing. For the first week, after you buy your sandwich maker, you eat nothing else but sandwiches but later on, you just forget it exists. However, your smartphone or your television remains to be used all the time. Why is that? It’s because the latterly mentioned things can do far more than just one thing. They’re so much more useful for everyday use and that is the reason why we enjoy using them so much, right to the point you couldn’t live without them.


So why do we still think that our garden houses should be used for only a few months? We believe that well prepared insulated buildings can give you an amazing experience, as it’s nothing better than a getaway from routine and a wooden log cabin. And it’s even better if it can go for the whole twelve months. So here we offer you a perfect getaway. We offer insulated buildings, that are inexpensive, easy to build and that can last for many years and many amazing getaways, whenever you feel like it.

Our insulated buildings are interlocking, which means they are significantly easier to build. Forget about spending a few weeks just trying to get something right. Our designers have got a wide variety of models to choose from and you will be easily able to have one of them standing in your garden in your time.

We use only the highest quality materials to build our log cabins – Siberian timber is great for all seasons and will last for many years without losing any of its quality. And “Eurodita” log cabins are made just out of that – to guarantee you the best quality.

You can’t go wrong with picking an easy to build, an inexpensive and reliable option that is also insulated, so you’ll be able to install heating and maybe even live in it. Look around all the models and we guarantee you – one of them will be a perfect fit for you. Just give it a shot.

If you have a garden, you probably know how difficult it can be to have a proper storage option. Whether it is not at all appealing to your eye, or it is really expensive, therefore, not worth the effort. Log sheds can be difficult to build and very often, we just opt for a low-quality option that is simple and might not last for long. And we should be looking for quality in everything we do. A strong, reliable and inexpensive option is something amazing when you find it. And just for you, we know what to pick when you are looking for a log cabin. We offer log sheds that are easy to build. Log sheds that are built using only the highest quality materials. Log sheds that are reliable but also pleasing to the eye. Sounds too good to be true? Believe it, it is true.

We have many designs for you to choose from. Starting with the simplest options for those looking for something on a budget, all the way to the best of the best, that can act not only as simple log sheds but even as the place to live in.

They are easy to build – forget weeks of effort and unsatisfying results. With our log sheds, you will be able to build them easily and without a fuss. Our interlocking log cabins are not easily constructed, they are also very reliable. These log sheds are not filled with nails, who rust when exposed to sun, rain and snow. So you know they can be reliable after long years of usage. We use only the highest quality materials as well – the best Siberian timber there is to find is unlike any other timber found around. It is specially prepared to be the best option for log sheds, garden houses and other alike constructions. “Eurodita” log cabins are meant to be the ultimate choice.

And everything gets only better when you see the price. It is cheaper than other alternatives, who also take far longer to construct. Next time you are looking for a garden house, log shed or any other timber building, make sure to check us out. We’ve got something to offer.

Eurodita“  log cabins facing the changing weather

Often, people considering whether „Eurodita“ log cabins are a good solution, think about the fact that our country weather very changeable, so a small garden house cannot resist high temperatures change. In fact, technology is constantly moving forward and experts assure that garden sheds have long gone forward, so think about the weather changes quite unnecessary.

  • Summer. Of course, usually „Eurodita“  log cabins begin to interest customers in the summer and it’s the perfect time to try these prefabricated houses according to their needs. It`s no need to be carrying all the time, but some time for carrying your log cabins should be. Water is all you need in the simple wash for your small garden house
  • Autumn. When the weather is cold, sometimes considered caravans and prefabricated houses are not the best choice for the garden. However, if we mean the Lithuanian autumn „Eurodita“  log cabins really never have to feel uncomfortable. High-quality wood can easily withstand moisture and turn the electric heater glad cosy inside. 
  • Winter. If you are attracted by the opportunity to come into the garden and bake snowfield sausages and fall into the snow angel recording of events, keep the heat inside the house. It’s quite simple – you just have little-quilted walls and the roof. A small house project, improving the functionality of the next year is welcomed colder seasons.
  • Spring. Began to melt the snow, do not worry. Collected your wooden house is greatly increased resistance to moisture and water, and in the spring it is easy to endure. Just a little work and your log cabin will shine like newness, and you can continue to enjoy your purchase and get ready for a functional summer!


Summer is probably the best season of the year. Long days, great weather and amazing experiences. It surely is amazing but also, it doesn’t last long. Your garden, which can easily be an amazing place for any gathering and any kind of party, is useful and loved for not a long period of time. It surely would be amazing if there was a possibility to turn your garden into a place, where everyone can stay, everyone can meet and everyone can party, without being afraid of the neighbours and other people. It sure would be great if a great summer place would stay there for just a bit longer.

We sure hope we found an answer to how to do it. Our insulated garden buildings are an option which turns a simple log cabin into a fully functioning house. And the price still remains to be relatively small, compared to the other options.

You don’t have to spend hugely to get something like this in your garden. Our interlocking “Eurodita” log cabins are cheap and easy to build, so you don’t have to waste weeks of your precious time and tons of your money to get a result. The reliable system will make sure that there are no spots and cracks for cold air to go through, so with the installation of the heating system, these insulated garden buildings will remain warm for a low price as well.  We made sure that quality would be amazing from the beginning to the very end. A great team of designers have made many options to choose from, engineers made sure to keep the buildings easy to construct and able to withstand any weather conditions and the highest quality Siberian timber used in the process is the best material for this mission. “Eurodita” log cabins – a reliable option.

No matter what exactly are you looking for – our list of insulated garden buildings is expansive and you have many options to choose from. Keep the summer just for a bit longer – and turn your garden into a proper embassy of summer!


It is difficult to spend a lot of time and effort on something, you don‘t properly know. Not many of us are certified brain surgeons, and it would be really difficult for most of us to do even a minor surgery on someone, right? Not even that – it would be dangerous! Many years ago, we stepped down from trying to master every single thing needed in our lives, as long as we realized, that we are left to jacks of all arts, and masters of none. And instead of that, we knew who to trust in many different situations.

So the time you will want to build a garden house, a log cabin, don‘t risk, that in a few years or even faster, your creation will stop looking fresh and will stop offering the same reliability. It is very difficult to build something inexpensive, attractive and lasting for a long period of time. You would be better off with some professional help. And then, you will be able to get a garden house, that is the best of all worlds.

“Eurodita” log cabins offer you interlocking cabins that will be easy to build. Getting them together will be just a breeze, compared to all the careful planning, sketching and building of a traditional log cabin, which may take several months. It is also reliable and can last for many years. Our interlocking cabins are built out of the highest quality Siberian timber that you can truly trust, and our interlocking systems are reliable no matter what‘s the weather outside. Our “Eurodita” log cabins won’t let you down.

There are plenty of designs to choose from, no matter what kind of garden house you‘re looking for, we have everything starting from small wooden sheds, going all the way to big and beautiful garden chalets. The choice is yours, and the help is ours. We want you to be able to construct your own building without a fuss. Our interlocking log cabins are a great option.

Timber buildings might seem a bit unpractical and hard to build. There have been times when you had to cut down a tree, after serious choosing. Get it ready, and work for weeks until it‘s ready to be used in a building. Get all the designs ready before you even start, and only then, you were able to start building. And the results were not always satisfying. The times have changed. You don‘t need to work so hard to get a great looking, cosy and warm log cabin. Log buildings online have come a long way, and here we help you out to fulfil your goals and make timber frame buildings an easy and reliable choice for many people. Now, they are affordable and simple. All thanks to the systems we use to make it possible.

Our log cabins are designed by probably the best people in business – they know exactly what log buildings online are supposed to look and feel like. And the best engineers and their interlocking systems used in all these log cabins make sure, that you will easily be able to build those all by yourself. Look around our site and look at the designs. There surely are many of them, and they can fit all the needs you will ever get. If you want to get all your needs fulfilled and you’re looking for a great wooden house – trust “Eurodita” log cabins.

We‘re using only the highest quality materials in our log buildings online. The Siberian timber used in the building of all these log cabins is one of the best materials for this job, ever. That is what people who endure one of the awful winters ever, use for the wooden houses they live in. That is probably the best compliment this material can ever get.

After all this, it would be absolutely rational to think, that prices of the log cabins would be big. These timber homes might seem to be expensive but in reality – they‘re far cheaper than the absolute majority of the alternatives there are to find. You‘re not only getting a great option for a log shed or a garden house – you‘re also getting it on a cheap. So look around our assortment and pick what suits your needs.

„Eurodita“  – log cabins advice

Welcome to the real paradise of „Eurodita“ log cabins. We can offer you a special selection and friendly prices. Why? Because we are convinced of wooden cottages experts and know how to take care of not only the production houses but also the fulfilment of customer needs.

We have many years in the international market, we are working with the log cabin, so we know what customers want and how to meet their expectations. You can call us log cabins advice. Experiment with different techniques today is promoting only high-quality materials and functional products.

Our company manufactures log homes for more than 20 years. Exactly the same time constantly improve their knowledge and interested in what still evolving wooden caravan abroad, in the international market. Gain some experience of colleagues and partners in the annual update of its cottages choice. Today, we can offer 28, 45, 58 or even 70 mm thick garden houses.

Quality and ecology having prefabricated houses can be of various types and are used according to the different needs of each client. Therefore, our product catalogue is not only collected residential houses, there is also a children’s wooden houses, log cabins, wooden baths, log garages, wooden gates, terminal space for caravans and everything else you might need.

Having really unique ideas „Eurodita“  log cabins advice held back and listen to your personal preferences will prepare an individual project home for you.

Our goal is to establish itself in the international market as the most appreciated manufacturer of prefabricated houses because we know that we have some log cabins advice! If you don`t know what you should d with your garden, give it for us, we always know how to get your wishes come true. Our experience means that we have all vision in your mind and our creativity can surprise you in a good way.

We love a simple solution. It’s great when you can do something and be sure that it will go right with little effort. However, it is not easy to reach that level all the time. Sometimes, we just get stuck. We try to make something happen and end up with big problems, and solving them requires a lot of effort, time and money. All of this is especially visible when it comes to building a shed or a house. It’s a rather big investment to make, and your simple log cabin mission can turn into weeks, if not months of hard work, that often drain your health as much as it drains your wallet. We all need a simple solution for most of our problems, and there is a better way for that. “Eurodita” log cabins offer you interlocking sheds, you will be easy to build one of them all by your own, quickly and also save a lot of money. Sounds too good to be true? It is true, and let us tell you more about it. Let us tell you about out “Eurodita” log cabins who are as cheap as they are reliable.

Interlocking sheds are specially designed to be reliable and easy to build. A simple system will make sure that building one of those houses will be super simple. Reliability doesn’t go anywhere, as the system may be simple to build but it is difficult to break. Our engineers worked for quite some time to get the best out of both worlds.

The materials we use for these interlocking sheds are specially prepared for any weather challenge that might come their way. We build our “Eurodita” log cabins out of the highest quality Siberian timber, so you know that the quality of your wooden house will be just the best. No matter the wind, rain, sun or snow – it will stand tall for long.

Summing it all up, we offer you easy to build log cabins, made out of best materials, for a price that is cheaper than the alternatives. Less time, less money, but even more quality. That is truly a simple solution that is the best option in the class.

What is the first thought in most people heads when a phrase “log cabins” pops up? Very often, the answer is “summer house” and “garden house”. Some people still don’t take log houses seriously when it comes to living in them during winter. And for a good reason. The quality of some of those timber buildings is truly not great. Holes you can easily see through, damage done by nails, low-quality timber…These are just a few reasons why some people are put off to even think of a log cabin as a good solution for winter.

However, a lot of this criticism can’t easily be disproved by some good examples. We believe it is undeserved, and we want to tell you about how our insulated log houses can be an amazing option for you if you’re looking for your next house.

We use only the highest quality, Siberian timber. The very same Siberian countries use the exact same timber to build their own houses. When done right, they don’t only stay warm inside, they also look great. We trust the experience of those who have the knowledge, and we have learned a lot from the natural experts of log cabins – and using the very same materials was just a sensible thing to go. “Eurodita” log cabins are made by the experts, using the expert materials.

Secondly, you can wave goodbye to a huge bunch of nails and all the pain that comes together with trying to put them all in their places. Interlocking systems used in our insulated log houses assure that your log cabin will be ready to use in just a few days, and there will be no nail holes and rust. You will be easily able to build it all by yourself if you wish. And live in it for long years to come.

And lastly, it’s the price. The insulated log houses themselves are not expensive but thanks to the great insulation, maintaining them in winter months is also saving you money. It’s a great decision to live in one and if you want to make sure, look what designs and models we offer. No matter which one will catch your eye, be sure – they all have amazing quality.


Some people oversimplify getting a garage. Yes, it is more or less a big wooden (or not) box with one hole big enough for a car to go into the box. That is as simple as that. However, there are many things to be considered when you get one of those. Do you want your car to be covered with occasional snow and rain, or do you actually want it to be fully safe and also warm and completely free from any other disadvantages cold temperature can bring, consider insulated log garages?

Insulated log garages are the top of the pack when it comes to wooden garages. The premium in the class, they are as easily constructed as it gets but with little bit of insulation it also gets many more purposes.

It is no longer a shed to store your car in. Take a bit bigger version, and with insulation provided, you can easily build it into your own workshop, which can be going strong all around the year. Fix your car, pump your tyres, construct something – do pretty much any kind of job that requires space, when it is just too cold outside, and the living room is just inappropriate. These insulated log garages can give you far more space and far more creativity.

Of course, the build quality of the garages sold here is second to none. Our experts have mastered the ways how you can easily build your own garage without any special training, and the reliability will be just like it’s been constructed and designed by a professional and tailored just for you. “Eurodita” log cabins and their products can give you just an amazing quality building.

We realize that a garage is not the most crucial thing ever. So we made sure that the prices of them would be friendly for most of the people, who just want a better option for themselves. Take a look at our offers and choose your future garage. This is probably the best option there is to find.


It’s all about that quality. A simple thing can last for a couple days, and oh, okay. But when you need something big and something important, it should have quality. Small and cheap and unreliable solutions might sound good for a short term but the smaller expenses can easily turn around.

This can be easily visible when building a garden house. Sometimes, the simplest of options is chosen. After all, it’s not difficult to get four walls and a roof. However, after a year or two, a simple old construction loses its strength, and the whole thing can easily fall down, therefore, if you’re lucky, destroying only your belongings. And there are worse scenarios possible.

You shouldn’t go cheap and simple on everything. In this scenario, you should make sure that your belongings and you and everyone around you are safe. And sometimes people think that doing so is an expensive thing. A thing that requires a lot of time, and also a lot of money. But we believe that we can make it better. Real high quality, global wood houses must offer you the best quality there is to find.

Here in our site, we offer amazing wooden houses for amazing prices. “Eurodita” log cabins offer you the best quality for the best price. All of this is made possible by the years of hard work we put into this. All to offer you the best solutions for log cabins. And building them won’t turn into a big mission. It doesn’t take weeks, even for an inexperienced builder, it’s not a difficult job, so you won’t need to worry about spending a lot of time and not getting the desired result – these amazing wooden houses can be built quickly and the quality remains great. Trust on these global wood houses to get you the best quality.

None of this would be possible if those weren’t interlocking houses. With this system, you are easily capable of getting everything from A to Z done in a couple days, and the structure stays strong, no matter the weather conditions. These truly are amazing wooden houses. So look at our offers – there are plenty just for you. Plenty of global wood houses for you to choose.

Sometimes timber houses are real, really underrated. And it‘s difficult to tell why. One of the most common theories is that after moving to cities with the building made mostly out of metal, bricks and other similar materials, we didn‘t want to move back. And old wooden houses left in the countryside were not getting any newer, and not taking care of them ended up with many of us thinking that timber houses are not reliable and not worth our time. However, a lot has changed in the past years, and whether you are looking for a simple wooden shed to store your belongings, or are you looking for timber houses to spend a lot of time in, we still believe we can offer you a great option. Wooden houses can offer comfort and quality for a great price. Global timber trade allows us to offer you the best quality for the best prices.

Interlocking systems used in those wooden houses almost completely gets rid of nails and other connection materials, who tend to rust and break when exposed to sun, wind or rain. They‘re easy to build all by yourself and it requires far less time and effort. This is surely a smart choice for everyone looking for a great garden house. The log cabins are surely reliable, and with an ever easier construction, building them can be absolutely simple. Use the advantages of global timber trade for your own good.

Secondly, it‘s all about the design. Timber houses, if taken care of, will look great after many years and the style does not get old. Look at our designs, and you can be sure that something that will catch your eye in the picture, will look just as great in reality. Now, and in many years after it. “Eurodita” log cabins exceptional quality and lasting style for a low price.


And lastly, it‘s the price. We use only the highest quality Siberian timer for our timber houses but these log cabins remain as inexpensive as they can be. And with fast and easy construction, reliability and style – it‘s a great deal for an amazing price you definitely can trust on. Rejoice on the advantages of the global timber trade.


Not every one of us wants to live in an apartment box. Be literally surrounded by your neighbours and be able to hear every single of their words, as well as they, hear yours. When you have a garden, a lot of people consider moving there when the time is right. Or more exactly, when the finances are right. Very often, they don’t turn out to be this way. Getting money is tough, and we understand that. And sometimes it would be just brilliant if there was an economical alternative that would allow you to have your own house and reap all the advantages it brings without having to spend everything you will earn in your entire life.

Interlocking houses are a great option. Simple to build and inexpensive, taking only a couple of days to build and costing only a fraction of real house price. However, many believe that in winters, these houses lose all of their advantages as it is practically impossible to keep a fair temperature inside and have a reasonable heating bill all together. Leave it to reliable and useful “Eurodita” log cabins to prove you wrong.

Our insulated houses can do just that. And do it right. We use only the best quality Siberian timber to build our log cabins and with proper insulation we offer, you can easily rest in winters, knowing that you bills won’t be sky high. Our insulated houses save your time, your money on a short term and your money on a long term. And with all those various designs for you to choose from, you know you will be easily able to find just the right house for you to live in.

“Eurodita” log cabins can be used all year long. We offer just the right preparation so this could be not only an empty promise but also an amazing reality. Insulated houses, if done right, can be just the best housing option you could ever choose.

Most of us are people who work hard to get the things they need in life. We spend a lot of time and effort, just so we would the best for ourselves and those around us. And sometimes, the results are still not satisfying. Very often it is because we don’t trust the experts with our problems. We do our jobs and hope to do a lot more as well. And it doesn’t always turn out right. Especially when you are building something. Building a log cabin might seem easy and simple but constructing wooden houses can be really difficult if you are not experienced, don’t have the right project, or don’t have much time. The materials used for log houses are also very important. It is very difficult to get everything right. That is why we are here. We want to get you the best log cabins possible. And we “Eurodita” log cabins are the experts of the business, so trust us – we can get things right.

Every single log cabin design you see in this site is created by the people with quality in mind. These wooden houses are practical, easy to build and as reliable as it gets. High quality Siberian timber used in the construction of these houses is brilliant and we worked very hard to bring the best Siberian quality just for you. Our “Eurodita” log cabins use only the best quality materials – because only they can get the best result.

No matter what kind of timber building you need for your garden, we surely can offer you the best log cabins. Look at the models placed in our site – you can be sure that you will find something that fits your precise needs. And the price point was reduced to the maximum so that you would be able to get the best log cabins for the best prices. It is cheaper than the alternative solutions and it takes far less time to construct it. You deserve to have the best quality and here, we bring it to you. Quality and style don’t have to be expensive. At least not here.

We work very hard to get something in our lives. Putting food the table, getting clothes and other crucial things, everything asks for effort and work. And you need that everything, that you pay money for, would be worth it. Especially when you’re looking for a garden house. Bigger investments should, they even must bring better results. It is obvious and we should all look for quality. All year long, all the time. This is why “Eurodita” log cabins garden buildings should be used for a long period of time. The simple option for thin wood and nothing else might be good if you need to store something or get some cover but when it gets cold (and here it does so for quite some time), it gets far less useful. This is why the insulated garden house is a great option. Only a small investment can make it so much better. And you should invest your money right, only into the things that really improve it.

We use only the best quality materials in our log cabins. Every insulated garden house is made using only the finest quality Siberian timber, crafted specially to be the best kind of material for the garden building that is made to last and is used for every single season of the year. “Eurodita” log cabins have all the points covered. The interlocking system used in those houses makes sure there are no unneeded holes for cold air to go through and a high-quality insulation helps to make sure – all the heat inside the log cabin will stay there for as long as it’s possible.

There are plenty of designs to choose from, so you know you will be easily able to find something brilliant and suit your needs. And with the best technology, your insulated garden house will be an investment worth making. And investment worth putting your money in. Because it will be useful not for a few months but for a whole year.

Everything should be made to last. Good quality should follow us wherever we go, because being surrounded by things who are reliable and attractive, can greatly affect our life quality in a positive way. However, we don‘t always get it, don‘t we? Very often we just get far too much low quality all around us. Toys for children are made to break, and in two years, your smartphone will very likely be obsolete. And when it comes to building your own garden house, it sometimes might be just not that different.

A simple construction of a simple wooden shed sometimes just doesn’t prove to be good. A few nails there or there, a wooden plank there, all to form a box with a roof – when it gets as simple as that, surely the results might not impress you in a long run. And the effort put into making such a simple construction can sometimes prove to be astounding. You will never get back the time you spent. And if you spent it building something that does not sport good quality and trust, why would you even bother? Here we offer you a great solution with our “Eurodita” log cabins.

We offer interlocking houses you can definitely trust when you’re looking for quality. We put a lot of effort into making them, just so you could reap the benefits. For us, perfecting these log houses took many years. And you can build them in just a couple days.

Our interlocking houses are made out of only the best materials for the job. The Siberian timber is one of the finest materials for log houses able to find. And we offer you many designs of interlocking houses, so you can pick any kind of timber building for your garden. You can be sure it will fit into any landscape and it will stay looking for many years, no matter the weather conditions or the time.

Next time you’re looking for a great quality, easy to build and inexpensive garden house solution, make sure you pick something that’s in the league of its own – our interlocking houses.


‘Design Your Dream Bedroom’
Eurodita globally admired for its three-bedroom log house. Simple reasons being its built features based on ‘high quality, standard security, and flexible log homes’. We have an expertise to built customized three bedroom log house as per the provided specifications. Eurodita is more preferred as it’s made like the passive house with double layer insulation to keep heat for longer periods.

So, now not only built a house but also get a chance to design it with our team members. Also get expert advice and suggestions for free of cost. Our clients mostly recommend us as the providers of best and affordable log homes with eco-friendly themes.

Eurodita proffers three bedrooms models in the varied range and different sizes. So, get the bedroom of your choice and imagination.

Eurodita exhibits its most excellent twin skin school house with a theme of friendly, happy, and colorful imagination. The school house has the strong specification, safety measures, and enduring strength. Our twin skin school house is not only warm, cozy and sound insulated; but also fascinating design concepts and care of high-quality craftsmanship.

The school house will ascertain great time in winter or summer both. The double layer twin skin ensures no two classes are disturbed by each other. Eurodita presents children school house that are completely resistant to exterior elements and give a feel of the own house.


“It’s either big or expensive or small and cheap and useless”, some say. Especially when it comes to houses, it is wide though that is you don’t invest your current and future life savings for three generations to come (or five, if those lottery tickets don’t come out well), then it is just useless. Insulated log sheds are often seen as simple options that are not even worth talking about. They cheap and they’re simple, what can they offer? However, we think we can offer you quite a list of reasons, what advantages do insulated log sheds can have.

Firstly, they save your money: the price of a log shed in always low but insulation can be expensive, right? Not here. We managed to get the best possible result and the best materials while still keeping the price tag low. If you’re looking for a simple log shed but you still want it to go all year round, our options are the way to go. But the advantages of our “Eurodita” log cabins don’t end just there.

Secondly, they save energy. Yes, the price is low but a lot of people are put off by an idea of buying one because they can not last well in winters and maintaining one seems to be really expensive. However, the insulated version keeps all the warmth inside, and they are done so well, they actually are one of the best options when it comes to low energy consumption.

Thirdly, they’re not only economical, they’re also ecological. Yes, low power consumption often leads to less damage to the environment but there’s not only that. It also is made out of Siberian timber, which in those countries, is one of the most ecological options, since every tree is replaced by a new one and the country’s nature remains almost untouched.

If you’re willing to find out more about insulated log sheds, look around our site and see for yourself. But just for now, we can assure you that the variety of options here is big and you will definitely find something for yourself.

Eurodita bespoke log cabins were designed and built understanding your needs for the best quality log products.Whether you are wishing to enjoy the weekend with your family or want to have some business meetings with your colleagues, our designed log cabins will fulfill all your needs for the perfect log cabins.Eurodita bespoke log cabin MORNING SUN is available with different wall thickness and different sizes. It is also available in laminated woods and twin skin in various sizes and equipped with double glassed doors and windows. Our designed product are unique in design and quality, and Eurodita assures you of getting the best quality product at least price.


Eurodita log cabins are designed and built in a way to give you a product that will satisfy your thirst for for the best class log products.Log cabins are the perfect place for scheduling up your meetings or enjoying your weekends with your family.

Eurodita offers you to choose from a huge collection of its inbuilt products. Eurodita bespoke log cabin LIGHTMOON is available in various sizes and designs and also in laminated logs. It is designed with having 28mm tongue and groove floor boards and 19mm tongue and groove roof boards. European standard double glassed windows and doors will add more beauty to our inbuilt log products.


Many of these Camping Pods are made of wood and timber and are heat and cold resistant, thus making these pods usable in any sort of weather conditions. Many pods are insulated structures and keep the rooms under manageable temperatures while providing for an eco-friendly shelter. The type of pods that are offered varies, however, there are certain standard pods provided by all travel agents. Let’s look at few common pods available across,
• Family pod: As the name suggests this type of camping pods are for families with adults and kids. Carpeted floors with good lighting and are able to accommodate 4-5 adults along with 3 kids. Very spacious and has a porch at the front or back, room heater, and water heater also provided.

You can choose a type of pod depending upon the number of members and your budget. As these camping pods are a new age camping shelters, very few travel agents are offering these premier services. However, the demand for these pods in outdoor camping is increasing exponentially. This suggests you order a pod well in advance in order to avoid hassles at the time of travel. The idea of having pods in place of tents is brilliant as these pods are equipped with everything that we need and are resistant to hard weather conditions, hence making your outdoor activities more exciting and safer. If you wish to have a happy and safe camping, go for wool insulated, safer pod and make your camping super awesome.

Camping pods are a new age camping shelters and are being viewed as an alternative to tents and caravans. These are modified versions of outing tents and are designed to make the outdoor camping little more comfortable and safe. Though they seem to be like a tent or caravan, they are coming up with many added benefits to make your outing hassle-free and fun filled. Having camping or outing in a pod, though sounds little weird it’s a fantastic sci-fi experience which you must experience. There are companies who are offering these pods as a part of their packages of camping and holidaying.

Camping may be enjoyable and terrific time for a household, minus the experience it does not initially be for everyone. It is only one of the exciting outdoor activities. It is something which family and friends enjoy particularly when the preparations are made ahead. In certain means by luxury camping and I think we’ll see this trend continue rising.

Camping pods are becoming more popular in the last few years, with pods on all many kinds of parks and campsites and out there in all sections of the country, from family-friendly to pod sites where campfires are allowed. Generally speaking, glamping pods are a solution when you must extend living space on a restricted budget. Whether you would like a pod for additional space or reside, their cost in contrast to conventional builds makes them more attractive.

A tent isn’t tricky to pack and lets you take off to a campground in a moments notice, without an inordinate amount of preparation. Many tents have mesh tops also, so you might peek in on your boy or girl. The typical trailer tent, as its name implies, is the most often encountered type of trailer tent. It is comprised of the area and the main trailer area