Enjoying the Outdoors in the Height of Luxury

For some, the only thing getting in the way of getting out into the great outdoors is the thought of going out into the great outdoors. Indeed, even the most avid of outdoorsy types, however, can appreciate the perks and comforts of a “quality” camping experience. Indeed, the desire to combine the comforts of home with the sights, sounds, and smells of nature has prompted not only a new way to camp but also a new nomenclature to describe camping. Specifically, “glamping,” a conjoining of glamour and camping, has entered the lexicon representing a new way of thinking about “roughing it the next time you go out and enjoy the beauty of nature in the comfort of glamping houses designed with your comfort in mind.

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The key to comfortable outdoor existence was borne on the back of innovative outdoor accommodations. After all, a tent is all right for a day or two in the wilderness, but soon the rapidly deflating air mattress and constantly stuck rain flap zipper can become a bit trying. That is when some luxury comes in handy.
Nature enthusiast Malcolm Wallhead planted the seeds of the camping pods option in the 1970s with the creation of Igloo log cabins. His design, which began its journey as rounded, dome-like, igloo-shaped huts, first gained the interest of the Antarctica Division’s Field Equipment Department in 1982. Asked to submit a design for camping pods that would survive the harsh conditions at the bottom of the planet, Wallhead’s igloo log cabin was soon headed for the southern hemisphere.
Once the news got out that there was a new way to camp, the move to provide glamping houses for the commercial market took off as a new generation of campers pulled out wilderness maps and began plotting a course for the farthest reaches of their favourite national forest lands. As a result, a myriad of amazing camping pods has sprung up in resorts and camping sites that once featured little more than bare bone accommodations. Responding to the worldwide boost in ecotourism, and the increased need to disconnect from the stresses of our everyday world, an array of companies and firms have moved into the manufacturing of luxury insulated pods, timber cabins, camping pods and miniature wooden houses.
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Of all the companies that moved into the manufacturing of glamping houses and luxury insulated camping pods, none are as dedicated to serving the business-to-business community than Lithuania-based Eurodita. In operation since 1991, Eurodita specializes in the manufacturing of camping pods that are designed to wow. With more than 500 units produced annually, Eurodita operates in more than 50 countries with a strong presence in the European market, as well as a strong positioning in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. Camping pods, which can easily be marketed as mini-hotels for campers are crafted from the highest quality Nordic spruce, and provide a structure that is unassailable by the elements.