The success of long-term international trade relationships depends on reliable delivery arrangements. A smart dealer wants a great product, but not only that: the product must always be delivered safely and on time. That is why we are dead serious about the quality and timeliness of our delivery services. At Eurodita Log Structures, we control our own transport fleet and have reliable arrangements in place with the top regional carrier companies. You will have the products at your warehouse in one to four weeks depending on order size and specifics. Smart dealers know how complicated the contemporary European logistics market is and how difficult it is to find a carrier when deadlines are pressing, let alone a trustworthy one. Therefore, the product’s resellers enjoy nothing more than a reliable supplier who takes care of the whole chain of logistics. That’s what Eurodita does for You.

Smart dealers enjoy a good night’s sleep. That’s why they get all their log structures from EURODITA!

Our growing supplier-to-seller network means
we are delivering more log home units to:

B2B/commercial/institutional buyers
Log and timber companies
Independent builders
Retailers, sellers, resellers
Log home building contractors
Shell construction companies
Log building turnkey contractors
Private label sellers
Regional dealers
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Expedited Shipping, Special Rates on Bulk Orders,
Order Processing Priority

Trusted European Manufacturer, Delivering Log Structures to the World!

The success of long-term dealer relationships depend upon Trust—fortified with transparent pricing policies and reliable delivery arrangement. Eurodita is positioned distinctly in the global log cabin marketplace. As an international supplier of log buildings scaled for dealers & retailers, the supply network is spread over 50 nations. This invariably means grooming overseas trade relationships and using the best order processing services. We have set-up the perfect delivery platform that includes domestic, regional and globally-scaled shipping solutions providers. The logistics have been constantly revised to ensure valuable B2B buyers like you get the assurance of hassle-free product delivery.

Timely Deliveries are the Norm at Eurodita Log Structures?

As a dealer, are you worried about delivery of bulk-order log structures?

We have invested in developing our own transport fleet. This strengthens our supplier network, helping us expedite deliveries on urgent orders. Further, our collaboration with top regional carrier companies across Europe continues to be curated with more additions, ensuring more demographics are served, no matter how big or small the order is. Try our services once and experience how our product-delivery ecosystem ensures timber & log structure deliveries to mainstream and remote locations, using handpicked logistics and transport solutions.

What to expect? Perhaps, the best in log structure deliveries!

You are working with Globally Networked B2B Specialists

We strive to get the product delivered within 1 to 4 weeks, standing in your warehouse, no matter where your business operations are located! Yes, there is always room for some delays as international orders might face post-shipment hurdles. Still, using our network of courier partners, we ensure that every order is tracked until it actually reaches the warehousing facility. The order size and specifics need consideration too. The logistics of delivering a Glulam log home kit versus Sauna Pods can be very different. You get the trust of absolute transparency in how the shipping terms can slightly alter across different types of log structures and order size. Similarly, packaging remains dynamic, often moderated to ensure the logistics are better handled, billed to the minimum without delays, with the assurance of putting a smile on your face J
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We realize the challenges and have the tools to navigate them

Benefit from our regional expertise, across Europe & Beyond

Our growing pool of trusted dealers understands that contemporary standards for overseas logistics are getting difficult. Not just European but American geographies too face logistics-related slowdowns. Still, we have maintained strict supply benchmarks of ensuring a 4-week delivery using our valuable relationships with regional carriers. Expect some challenges, some very hard-to-predict. For instance, log building kit deliveries can present challenges like additional tariffs imposed on overseas orders or inflated cartage due to revised industry regulations. We try our best to share honest estimates upfront when the order is finalized. Expect to be updated throughout the order processing, including updates about revisions in the delivery schedule. Please give room to unpredictable issues like weather-induced shipping delays or sporadic hurdles like civilian unrest.

Placing an order for the first time at Eurodita?

Even as first-time buyers, expect to be served with the best delivery standards

There are two sides for any manufacturing business like ours—the pool of high-value dealers and resellers have to be served with improving service standards and new buyers have to be impressed. Invariably, our long-time B2B dealers get preference but feel assured that even as a first-time buyer at Eurodita, your order will not be compromised in any way & this includes the order processing time and shipping arrangements.
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