Barrel saunas are a clever design. Such baths would make a perfect decoration for any yard. We would like to offer you a bath standing out among the others with their unusual appearance.
These baths are practical, use little wood, do not require complicated service.You can place them even in where it would be difficult to build a usual bath.

This simple design is highly effective, providing maximum usable space while minimizing excess cubic feet, which means the sauna will heat quickly and efficiently. These models are available in a number of sizes, and you may select from several different types of timber.

In Eurodita we offer a sauna barrel with a diameter of 1.97m and 2 and it has room for 2-12 persons. The heating of the barrel takes about 4 hours depending on the water temperature the visitors want to have.

  • Timber Sauna Barrel 1.7 m

  • Timber Sauna Barrel 4.0m

  • Timber Sauna Barrel 2.4 m

  • Timber Sauna Barrel 4.5m

  • Timber Sauna Barrel 3.0 m

  • Timber Sauna Barrel 4.8m

  • Timber Sauna Barrel 3.5m

  • Timber Sauna Barrel 6.0m