Outdoor barrel saunas – maximum benefits for the minimum space

Barrel saunas are all the rage right now. And the reason for that is not just their neat shape resembling a wine barrel. The circular design actually has a purpose other than just an aesthetic one. Not only does it help to eliminate the unused airspace which allows a sauna to heat up quicker, but it also naturally pushes the hot air back down, evening out the temperature inside. As for the practical side, sauna barrels take up much less space. Due to their shape, they can be easily assembled in crammed gardens and backyards where traditional sauna cabins simply wouldn’t fit. Another great advantage of barrel-shaped saunas is that they are made of natural wood that expands in high temperatures, offering additional breathability.

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Did we get you interested? Eurodita Log Structures is a Lithuanian B2B company with 23 years of experience on the market and partners in more than 50 countries of the world.
We offer barrel saunas for sale to international dealers who are interested in providing their clients with excellent products of the highest European quality.
Our saunas are 2+ meters in diameter and 4-6 meters in length.
Eurodita Log Structures saunas are made of Siberian spruce of premium quality which is a durable material that exudes a wonderful natural scent.
They are fit for companies of 2-12 people and have a single room.
It takes around 4 hours to heat up the barrel depending on its size and the desired temperature.
Delivery details If you are looking for a reliable supplier offering saunas for sale at affordable prices, Eurodita Log Structures is your best choice! Our company takes great pride in its reliable delivery arrangements. We strive to always provide our dealers with impeccable service as well as safe and timely delivery. How do we achieve that? By keeping a close partnership with the top regional carrier companies.

Eurodita Log Structures knows everything there is to know about modern European logistics and is ready to take care of everything for you.

All you have to do is order the product and wait 1-4 weeks for it to arrive at your warehouse. The delivery time depends on the size of your order and your location. Having us as a partner means you never have to worry about order delays and shipping damages. If you have any questions about our wooden saunas or the delivery process, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.