Wooden playhouses and play yards
We want to offer high-class security to our children, no matter where they are and what are they doing. But we also want them to have a great amount of fun – we want them to play outside and be active. And doing these two things all at once can sometimes prove to be difficult. However, here in Eurodita Play towers, we try to do our very best to offer the best solution possible. Our wooden play houses and play yards are built to be the best place to play for any active child. Outside play gear is an amazing and vital part of the first years of the child – it gives so much room for imagination and it helps to improve the physical strength as well as the health. So we have to make sure that these play yards and wooden play houses can deliver all of the fun and reduce the possible harm to the very minimum.
One of the biggest concerns is safety – and we make sure to address it directly. We don’t use toxic substances anywhere near these play yards and wooden houses – we made sure this would never be an issue. No part used in any of our products can be swallowed and can make a child suffocate, be gulped, or would or catch the youngster. We made sure everything is in top order – even combustibility The materials may be burnable but with no toxic materials used, the initial fumes won’t be nearly as harmful and there will be plenty of time to not only leave the area but to extinguish the danger as well. We take big care in the safety of our children with those wooden play houses and play yards, we really take it seriously.
Also, the timber used in the building of those playhouses can last for long, unlike the plastic counterparts, and they look great and classic as well, so they might find a place in the garden for a long time, even after the children are all grown up. We use the highest quality materials and we make sure the strictest safety regulation are met, so you know you’ll be selling only the best wooden play houses and play yards. Contact our representatives and here in Eurodita we will make sure to offer you only the best offer you will be happy to have.

  • Timber play ground Amami Rabbit0

    Play Tower Amami Rabbit

  • Timber play ground March Rabbit2

    Play Tower March Rabbit

  • Timber play ground Bushman Rabbit7

    Play Tower Bushman Rabbit

  • Timber play ground Mountain Rabbit0

    Play Tower Mountain Rabbit

  • Timber play ground European Rabbit2

    Play Tower European Rabbit

  • Timber play ground Swamp Rabbit1

    Play Tower Swamp Rabbit

  • Timber play ground Forest Rabbit1

    Play Tower Forest Rabbit

  • Timber play ground Volcano Rabbit8

    Play Tower Volcano Rabbit