100% safe wooden play yards and towers from Eurodita

Playing is part and parcel of child development. It helps kids not only learn about the world around them and how to interact in it but also sharpen their creativity, sagacity, and cognitive skills, among others. The importance of playing cannot be overstated when it comes to improving physical and emotional health, too. There’s no doubt that being active is always associated with being in fine fettle, and kids are no exception. Play towers, swings, and slides are all helping our little ones from the habits which are good for their health.

What is of great concern to parents is that playgrounds are becoming more and more dangerous with lots of stuff being dumped everywhere and hidden hazards at every turn. However, you can now leave all your worries behind with outdoor wooden play towers and yards from Eurodita. Since we always put the safety of our little ones first, we introduce a range of playgrounds which are designed with no elements that may potentially cause harm to them. From now on, playing outdoors will have only positive effects!

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Features of our children’s wooden play towers
Nothing is more important than the safety of our kids, especially in the context of outdoor interactions. With that in mind, we offer playgrounds which have neither toxic materials nor any objects that may be swallowed and, thus, cause choking. The fact that Eurodita’s play towers and yards are made of wood also contributes to safety matters. Unlike plastic, this material can last for many years with no risk of being cracked.

What is beyond doubt is that our wooden tower playhouses are extremely durable and withstand the demands of everyday use. Once you get one of them installed in your backyard, your kids will be overjoyed to play there all day long. The chances are that even grown-ups won’t resist the temptation to slide down a chute and get flashed back to their childhood.

If this sounds enticing to you, choose your perfect outdoor wooden play tower below. Here are some special features of our playgrounds:
They are made of Nordic timber to ensure the highest quality;
Different colors are available.
All play yards and towers come with sandboxes, picnic tables, or swing sets.
Whether you’re a dealer or a parent who wants to get one of Eurodita’s playgrounds installed in his/her own backyard, do not hesitate to contact our team. We will help you select the best wooden tower for your kids!