Wooden garden furniture – a choice for the creative
Add height to your garden, create garden art,  decorate your garden deck or make a beautiful main entrance -Wooden garden furniture are a beautiful option for everyone looking to make their garden so much more beautiful. Eurodita Wooden garden furniture opens you so much more opportunities you can seize and so many more new ideas you can do with Wooden garden furniture. Whether you’re looking for some garden arches to make the whole thing look beautiful.
Offer your clients an option. An option to put every single one of their ideas to reality. These Wooden garden types of furniture offer a great starting point to make any kind of garden building fantasy come through. Whether it happens for you, or for your customers. Great garden furniture sets can turn a wood arbour into a beautiful leisure space and vine trees can turn it into a beautiful natural oasis. There choice and ideas are yours and the materials and build quality is ours. We accept every customization idea you’ll throw our way, so do not hesitate to contact us and get the garden arbour potential to the top. There are plenty of different designs – contact us and we will make sure to fit just the needs you have.
Of course, a great vision requires a great execution and garden arches and garden arbours also have to be made out of the highest quality materials. Only the best timber of Siberian spruce, prepared and turned into the best wooden arbour material thank to nearly 20 years of our experience and some amazing Italian tools and German accessories. We know how to build great wood arbours. It’s up to you to put your visions and we will turn them into reality. Trust Eurodita – we are an experienced company that can make great things together with you.

  • Timber picnic table with sand box4

    Children table with sand box play houses

  • Eurodita wooden garden bench 2

    Eurodita Wooden garden Bench 2.0

  • Eurodita wooden table with benches 2

    Eurodita Wooden garden Table with Benches 2.4

  • Timber picnic table by Eurodita1

    Eurodita Children play Table for picnic

  • Eurodita wooden garden bench 2

    Eurodita Wooden garden Bench 2.4

  • Eurodita wooden table with benches 3

    Eurodita Wooden garden Table with Benches 3.0

  • Timber picnic table with benches1

    Eurodita Children play table with Benches

  • Eurodita wooden round table with benches2

    Eurodita Wooden garden Round Table with Benches

  • Eurodita wooden garden table with benches3

    Eurodita Wooden outdoor Dinning table with benches

  • Eurodita wooden garden bench 1

    Eurodita Wooden garden Bench 1.4

  • Eurodita wooden table with benches 1

    Eurodita Wooden garden Table with Benches 1.8