Traditional log homes is where it gets interesting. It’s where it gets big and where it requires far more skill to actually get the right product. However, here in Eurodita Traditional log homes Direct, we can offer you just that. The finest 170 mm log cabins made out of the best quality Siberian spruce. It’s a timber you can definitely trust when it comes to the right material log cabins, no matter if we’re talking about simple garden sheds or some serious residential log cabins, the Siberian spruce will do its work just right.
Of course, for the right materials, you need the right experts. You need the right tools. You need the right company who can make this happen. Eurodita is a company with over twenty years of experience in this exact area. We know how to make some great log cabins. We already got these Traditional log homes log cabins lined up – they are all ready to be shipped to your desired location. We work directly together with many shipping and transport companies, so we offer you the best shipping times, so your special package or log houses will reach you as fast as it is possible. And for our work, we use the best tools for the job – Italian machinery and German accessories to get everything to be just right. You can take our garden cabins and sell them as your own – there are going to be no logos attached so your company will be known for great quality 170 mm log cabins. And you will know Eurodita Direct as the place to go whenever you’re in need for some great log cabins for sale. Trust our experience and our skill, choose out of numerous log cabins on our site, do not hesitate to contact us and get only the best quality product shipped to you at the lowest time possible. This is not difficult to achieve – not anymore, if you trust Eurodita.

  • Eurodita

    2 Storey Log house DALLEMURSTOIT

  • Log house 145m2 Eurodita1

    Log house 145m2

  • Log House 157,6m2 Eurodita3

    Log House 157,6m2

  • Log house 66m2 Eurodita1

    Log house 66m2

  • Log house 104m2 Eurodita2

    Log house 104m2

  • Log house 71m2 Eurodita7

    Log house 71m2

  • Log house 105m2 Eurodita3

    Log house 105m2

  • Log house 83m2 Eurodita2

    Log house 83m2