This is the best of the best. The strongest, the thickest, the purest Siberian spruce and only the greatest log cabins. If your visions are so big and so challenging you need only the best and the best materials to get your job right – trust Eurodita Log Cabins. If you need only the best log cabins to reach the best possible result and dominate in your market – trust Eurodita Sheds Direct. Trust us when it comes to big challenges. We have spent over two decades building the best garden sheds out of best and we have satisfied customers all around the continent. We don’t put our logos on them because the companies want these log houses to be branded as their own. Yes, we are that good and we are not afraid to say so because we have the customers to prove it for us.
We work in this are for quite some time and we know – these Standard log cabins can fit the absolute majority of the log cabin needs you and your customers will ever have. These garden sheds can act as amazing summerhouses, log cabin offices and so on. And here in our company, we not only offer you a great amount of big and reliable log cabins, we also accepts your customization offers so you get only the best log houses built out of the best materials – you also get a chance to turn your vision into reality. Here in Standard log cabins, we offer you those log cabins so you can get the best option anyone can ever offer for you. Think of it as an opportunity to make something big happen.

  • Grill House3_0000

    Eurodita 8 Corner Pavilion 3.7×3.7m

  • Log Cabins Manufacturer B2B

    Eurodita Corner Log Cabin with side shed

  • Eurodita Log Cabin Euro 45/27

  • Eurodita Pavilion 3.5×3.5m

  • Standard Eurodita Garden office 4.2x3m

  • eurodita-log-cabin-700x800cm-13

    Standard Log Cabin 7x8m

  • Eurodita standard range log cabin 3x4m1

    Standard log Cabin Euro 3x4m

  • Log cabin 5x5

    Standard log Cabin Euro 5×5.7m

  • Log cabin 6x5

    Standard log Cabin Euro 6×5.2m

  • Log cabin Clock house  3

    Standard log Cabin Euro Clock house

  • Grill House3_0005

    Eurodita 8 Corner Pavilion 4.1×4.1m

  • Eurodita Log Cabin Euro 28/3

  • Eurodita Log Cabin Euro 45/6

  • Eurodita Standard log Cabin Euro 3.6×5.4m

  • eurodita-log-cabin-500x600cm-5

    Standard Log Cabin 5x6m

  • Log cabin 10

    Standard log Cabin Euro 10.2x7m

  • Eurodita standard range log cabin 4x3m3

    Standard log Cabin Euro 4x3m

  • Log cabin 5x3  0

    Standard log Cabin Euro 5x3m

  • Log cabin 6x7

    Standard log Cabin Euro 6×7.7m

  • Standard log Cabin Euro Garage 4x6m

  • Eurodita Corner Log Cabin 300×300

  • Eurodita Log Cabin Euro 45/18

  • Eurodita log cabins 5x3

    Eurodita Log Cabin Euro 5×3.8m

  • Hypermodern Corner log cabin 3.5×5.0m

  • Standard Log Cabin 5x8m

  • Standard log Cabin Euro 2×2.6m

  • Eurodita standard range log cabin 4x4m1

    Standard log Cabin Euro 4x4m

  • Log cabin 5x4  1

    Standard log Cabin Euro 5x4m

  • Log cabin 6

    Standard log Cabin Euro 6.16×4.7m

  • Standard log Cabin Euro Garage 6.61×5.36m

  • The Very Best Things About Log Cabin Kits

    Eurodita Corner Log Cabin 400×400

  • Eurodita Log Cabin Euro 45/22

  • Eurodita Log Cabin Low ridge Clock house

  • Log Sheds Manufacturer B2B

    Hypermodern corner log cabin 3.5×3.5m

  • eurodita-log-cabin-700x600cm-06

    Standard Log Cabin 7x6m

  • Eurodita standard range log cabin 3x3m2

    Standard log Cabin Euro 3x3m

  • Log cabin 4x5  1

    Standard log Cabin Euro 4x5m

  • Log cabin 5x5  1

    Standard log Cabin Euro 5x5m

  • Log cabin 6x6  4

    Standard log Cabin Euro 6x6m

  • Standard log Cabin Euro Garage 6x6m