Eurodita Sauna Pods: The Leader a Smart Dealer Deserves
These camping pods can be marketed as cozy mini-hotels for campers. The self-contained buildings are produced from high-quality Nordic spruce. The buildings are rot-proof and thermo-proof: waterproof and weather-resistant. That is why you can trust Eurodita’s camping pods to serve long-term.
They have double-lock doors to maximize security. Sauna pods, fully insulated pods, and pods with internal furniture are also available.
Key difference: While most competitors are using thinner wood (28 or 35), we use a thicker, stronger and more durable option (46 mm)

  • Sauna Pod 2,4×5,5

  • Sauna Pod 2.4×4.8m

  • Sauna Pod 2.4×3.0m

  • Sauna Pod 2.4×3.5m

  • Sauna Pod 2.4×4.0m