Children play houses – safe and attractive in every garden
We care about our children and we want them to have just the best quality products. We want them to be active and play outside, so they would grow to be stronger and happier. And for this, a lot of parents all around the world are looking for children playhouses so there would be a place where they could be.
Eurodita Timber Structures do not only offer you residential log cabins or garden sheds, we have nearly two decades of experience working with timber, and we know how to make it strong and good looking and how the constructions can be easily built but still remain strong. Make sure every child around your market has a chance to have a wooden playhouse – we will make sure to turn you into the place that can offer the best of them.

  • Eurodita wooden sand boxes0

    Eurodita Children wooden sand box

  • Wooden Play House Funny

  • Wooden Play House Woody

  • Eurodita timber play house Arunas1

    Eurodita Wooden Play house Arunas

  • Wooden Play House Jimmy

  • Eurodita timber play house Sunny3

    Wooden Play house Sunny

  • Wooden Play House

    Eurodita Wooden Play house Dovydas

  • Wooden Play House Johny

  • Play house tomas

    Wooden Play house Tomas

  • Timber play house with slide

    Play tower with Slide

  • Wooden Play House Robby