Looking for the stunning bespoke log cabin?
Eurodita is a market leader that has been specialising in bespoke log cabins offering an unmatched made to measure service to allow consumers like you make their own choices at competitive prices. Having established in 1994, we have built our reputation serving customers with high quality bespoke designed log cabins.
It’s important for you to know that prices for bespoke log cabins are based on timber volumes. On average prices seem to be around 50% more costly than the standard kit prices. Most bespoke cabins are manufactured in 44mm logs with premium doors and windows.
Whether you want to enjoy the weekend with your loved ones or want to have a business meeting with your colleague, our bespoke log cabins will satisfy all your needs
Be it on an existing garden building or a sketch on the envelope’s back our in-house experts will turn the sketch into an appealing log cabin building. As one of the premier and highest rated bespoke log cabin manufacturers, we give you the option not only for adding extra windows and changing the size, but changing the wall thickness and diminishing the ridge height to meet planning rules.

  • Granny-Flat-5870-DG-68_0068

    1 Bedroom Granny Flat Jakarta 5.8×7.0m

  • log-cabin-with-mezzanine-420x520cm-1

    1 bedroom 4×5.2m with mezzanine

  • Timber granny flat Eurodita Dubai9

    2 Bedroom Granny Flat Dubai 9.5×6.5m

  • Eurodita made to measure

    2 Storey Casa De Madera

  • 10x9_0022

    2 bedroom Twin skin log cabin 10x9m

  • large_villa0014

    3 Bedroom twin skin cabin Large Villa

  • Eurodita made to measure

    4 Bedroom log cabin,90mm wall thickness

  • Bespoke Log cabin Elie

  • Eurodita bespoke log cabin Light moon3

    Eurodita Bespoke Log cabin Light Moon

  • eurodita-log-cabin-600x900cm-1

    Log Cabin 6x9m, two bedrooms

  • Eurodita

    Log Cabin Residenziale

  • Eurodita

    Log Cabin model 0508

  • Granny-Flat-5858-44_0000

    1 Bedroom Granny Flat Tokyo 5.8×5.8m

  • Twin skin one bedroom log cabin9

    1 bedroom Twin Skin Log cabin

  • Timber granny flat Eurodita4

    2 Bedroom Granny Flat Singapore 7.6×7.7m

  • Eurodita made to measure

    2 bedroom , 2 shower room, sitting room

  • Twin skin two bedroom log cabin10

    2 bedrooms Twin Skin Log cabin

  • log-cabin-copenhagen-with-mezzanine-740c540cm-4

    3 bedroom cabin Copenhagen with Mezzanine

  • Bespoke Log Cabin Eamon

  • Eurodita

    Clock House on wheels

  • Eurodita bespoke log cabin morning sun1

    Eurodita Bespoke Log cabin Morning Sun

  • Log Cabin Cahill, with mezzanine

  • log-cabin-school-eco-friendly-timber-cabin-00

    Log Cabin School, eco-friendly timber cabin

  • log-cabin-750c500cm-5

    Log cabin 7.5x5m

  • kiepferle0014

    1 Bedroom log cabin Kiepferie + Mezzanine

  • eurodita-log-cabin-skipton-lodge-9

    2 Bed Lodge Skipton 6x13m, 90mm thickness

  • Bespoke 11050

    2 Bedroom Twin Skin Log cabin 46m2

  • G2A-68_0015

    2 bedroom Granny Flat Boston 9.5×6.4m

  • Granny-Flat-58100-68-DG0016

    3 Bedroom Granny Flat Chicago 5.8x10m

  • Twin skin three bedroom log cabin6

    3 bedrooms Twin Skin Log cabin

  • Bespoke Log Cabin Maroon

  • Custom made log cabin Brenton

  • grand_clockhouse_aurora0014

    Log Cabin 4x12m Grand Clock house Aurora

  • Eurodita

    Log Cabin NB70122

  • Eurodita

    Log Cabin model 0213

  • 5x7_0000

    Log cabin 7x5m

  • eurodita-1-bedroom-cabin-01

    1 Bedroom log cabin Wedding gazebo

  • Granny-Flat-5880-44_0004

    2 Bedroom Granny Flat Delhi 5.8x8m

  • eurodita-log-cabin-twin-skin-rural-00

    2 Bedrooms Rural Twin Skin Log Cabin

  • victoria0051

    2 bedroom Log Cabin 12x10m Victoria

  • Eurodita

    3 Bedroom Log cabin 0815

  • Eurodita

    4 Bedroom cabin Maxi space 10x12m

  • Eurodita bespoke log cabin dark moon0

    Bespoke Log cabin Dark Moon

  • school-house-eurodita-4

    Educational building

  • freeling0068

    Log Cabin 5.5×8.5m Freeling

  • Eurodita

    Log Cabin Nordland

  • Eurodita

    Log Cabin model 0214

  • Eurodita made to measure

    Log cabin Estonia