Log garages – build quick, build efficient
Log garages will be useful as long as we will have cars. At it looks like that will remain the case for quite some time. Timber garages are a great option for everyone looking for a simple solution. And the simple solution is not always found – but the garages will always be needed. It’s not only about covering your beloved car all the weather hazards and temperature shocks, it can also double as a beautiful workshop. This is why we offer garages for sale where you will be able to buy log garages and offer them straight to your clients.
They are reliable and very easy to build – it’s up to you how you will use these advantages of Garden Sheds Direct made log garages. There are plenty of designs to choose from as well – there are most simple basic covers but you can also find a big and beautiful double garage that will fit just the needs of everyone who’s looking for a premium option.
Building those log garages won’t take long – it’s a simple solution for a difficult problem. Many people all around the world do not get garages next to their homes because they sometimes prove to be difficult to build and expensive. You, together with Eurodita Sheds Direct will be able to offer an alternative solution, that is easy to build, that can serve many purposes and do so at a low price. We can also make them custom, so your visions will easily come true and you will be satisfied with the result. Every wooden garage we make is built by the experts, by the company that has nearly 20 years of experience in building various timber products, and one of the reasons why we are so successful around the world is the fact we use only the best materials available. The vision of you and the dreams of your customers are bound to come true – our log garages are made of Siberian spruce and built so it lasts for a long time. Pick a valuable option, pick Eurodita Direct.

  • Eurodita double log garage1

    Eurodita Double Interlocking Garage

  • interlocking log garage 5x3m0

    Eurodita Single Interlocking Garage 5×3

  • Standard log Cabin Euro Garage 6.61×5.36m

  • Garage Baikal XL0000

    Eurodita Garage en Bois Volga 18m2

  • Modern style interlocking log garage1

    Eurodita Single Modern Interlocking Garage

  • Standard log Cabin Euro Garage 6x6m

  • Eurodita open timber garage double1

    Eurodita Open Garage 6×6

  • Eurodita log garage baikal4

    Garage en Bois Baikal 15m2

  • Eurodita made to measure

    Two storey Double Garage

  • interlocking log garage 4

    Eurodita Single Interlocking Garage 4.2×5.7

  • Standard log Cabin Euro Garage 4x6m