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Cooking barbecue outdoors is a popular activity all over the world. However, Scandinavians have decided to go one step further and came up with barbecue huts called grill Kota – small log cabins that allow enjoying outdoor cookouts indoors under any weather conditions. The concept is simple – there is a barbecue grill in the middle with seating areas around it. There is also an airshaft above the grill to let all the smoke out.

Scandinavian BBQ houses quickly became a trend thanks to their simple construction and low price. They are easy to assemble and take very little space in a backyard or garden. If you are looking to make some money off the barbecue hut craze, you have come to the right place! Eurodita Log Structures is a reliable B2B company that offers BBQ cabins made from high-quality wood at competitive prices. Provide your customers with the best products on the market! In our catalog, you will find a wide variety of barbecue huts of different design, size, and capacity.

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Why you should partner with us
Eurodita Log Structures a world-renowned wood constructions supplier that has earned the trust of clients in more than 50 countries around the globe.

23 Years experience

We are not new on the market. For the last 23 years, Eurodita specialists have been working hard to improve our products and services.

Highest quality standart

Our grill huts comply with the highest European quality standards and are guaranteed to exceed the expectations of even the most sophisticated customers.

Fast shipping

Eurodita Log Structures takes great pride in its efficient delivery arrangements. We keep close relationships with the top regional carrier companies to provide our clients with safe and timely shipping.

Safe shipping

Rest assured that when you order wooden grill houses from us, you will get your full order strictly on time and in tip-top condition.
To place an order, select the item that you need and press “Product inquiry”, fill out the online form to leave us a message. Our customer managers will get back to you in the shortest time to work out all the details of your order. Depending on your location and the size of the order, it will take around 1-4 weeks for the products to arrive at your warehouse. If you have any questions about our grill houses or delivery services, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.