Eurodita takes immense pride for being known as a market leader for Glulam log houses and laminated log houses. We are the supplier of solid Glulam log homes that are manufactured as per the customer’s specifications. Our solid log houses have the capability to withstand a bushfire, earthquake and cyclone much better than a traditional stud home.


Laminated log houses

There are many types of log houses to choose from but laminated log houses must be one of those who can offer you some great quality and great reliability that you can definitely trust.

Laminated log houses are not affected to shrinkage, bending and distorting so you know you and your customers will be getting some top-notch quality under all circumstances. Garden Sheds Direct offer you an amazing choice of log cabins that are all amazing, and the laminated material has quite a few advantages that are sure to be loved by everyone who tries them.

The surface of the dividers of the cabins, made out of laminated logs has a smooth finish which is great to the touch and eliminates any, even if the smallest risk of splinters. The inner part of the house is all just the same, which makes it easy to breathe for babies or people with various allergies and hypersensitivities.

The laminated log houses are also more lightweight than their slightly different counterparts – only a 9% dampness content makes sure these logs are dry and reliable as well. Low dampness level also comes together with low amounts of bending and distorting, so these laminated log houses are second to none when it comes to handling high pressure.

Laminated logs and laminated log houses are a different choice for those who look for even more quality in their life. Our buildings are also incredibly easy to build and our team will make sure to make your visions come to life. We have over two decades of experience in buildings log cabins and garden sheds so you know you’re getting some great quality every time. Laminated log houses are going to suit everyone, even the pickiest of clients. And with this quality, you know you can offer this and be proud. We’ll make sure you will be selling probably the best log cabins money is able to buy. Contact us and we will do our best to offer you the best deal – here in Garden Sheds Direct we trust in quality, so you could trust in us.

  • Laminated log house Dublin2

    Eurodita Glulam Log house Dublin

  • Laminated log house Paris10

    Eurodita two floor Laminated Log house Paris

  • Laminated log house Monaco3

    Eurodita two floors Laminated Log house Monaco

  • eurodita-laminated-log-housetimo-04

    Scandinavian style Glulam Log house Timo

  • Laminated log house Berlin2

    Eurodita Laminated Log house Berlin

  • Laminated log house Riga2

    Eurodita two floor Laminated Log house Riga

  • Eurodita

    Laminated Log House Stockhus

  • eurodita-laminated-log-house-uvdal-02

    Scandinavian style Glulam Log house Uvdal

  • Laminated log house London1

    Eurodita Laminated Log house London

  • Laminated log house Rome13

    Eurodita two floor Laminated Log house Rome

  • eurodita-laminated-log-houseanders-11


  • Laminated log house Oslo3

    Eurodita two floor Laminated Log house Oslo

  • Laminated log house Vienna3

    Eurodita two floor Laminated Log house Vienna

  • anders_karlsson0012

    Scandinavian style Glulam Log house Karlsson