Glulam log houses from Eurodita

Glulam (glue-laminated) lumber is a wood product that is made from layers of wood bonded together using super-strong adhesives that make it one of the most durable and cost-effective materials in existence. By building log homes with this low-cost material, we can lower our prices almost to the floor. It allows us to get individuals and businesses quality structures without milking them dry. Not only do we have well-priced homes ready to order, but we also have multiple sizes and styles of constructions for everyone.

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Why choose glulam log homes
There are many reasons to get a home constructed from glulam lumber:


Our glulam lumber is made only with the best adhesives in the European Union, meaning that the home you buy will be moisture resistant.


These well-designed houses have the potential to withstand disasters such as tornadoes, fires, and earthquakes.


The lumber we use to build our structures does not shrink, bend, or distort when it is exposed to the elements. Your house will last a lifetime.


Our glulam houses all come with a 10-year anti-rot policy and a 100% quality guarantee.
Features and benefits of laminated log houses from Eurodita
What makes us stand apart from the competition is the unique features, options, and benefits we offer to our customers:
All of our houses are made according to the specifications of our clients
All windows and doors are double glazed
Multiple wall thicknesses are available
Our company is environmentally conscious
Our timber is not painted or treated
We offer our services to businesses and people looking to buy a home for themselves
Eurodita’s laminated log home kits are easy to assemble
We deliver internationally, and your order will reach you quickly without any problems
No finger joints
Eurodita’s homes never come with a logo

Place an order for a glulam house today

For many years now we have been helping customers get first-class homes of all sizes and prices that are built by dedicated employees who pride themselves on doing a job well-done. Thanks to our professional team, getting a new home at a reasonable price is no longer an impossibility. Contact us today if you are ready to make a purchase. Do not wait any longer to buy your dream house when it is within your grasp!