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The outdoor housing marketplace is quickly evolving with more discerning consumers who are more aware about log homes. To ensure our dealers continue to remain competitive, always ready with a log structure solution, we are creating modern log cabins that cater to changing demands. These modern design buildings are available in different sizes, ensuring there is a wooden cabin for every demographic.

High Structural Strength | All Weather Performance | Free from Repeated Treatments

Expect thick, premium log profiles along with windows, secured doors, spacious floor plan, and more customization options. Easier to maintain without the need for annual treatments, these outdoor homes are more synchronized with evolving demands of vacationers, group travellers, real estate developers, backyard development projects, warehousing or shed requirements, and recreational needs.

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Compliant with Emerging Green Performance Standards
Environmentally Sensitive
Modern outdoor accommodation industry is getting increasingly sensitive about ecologically compatible living. However, creating conventionally styled green buildings is not always feasible, often expensive. But our contemporary log homes, deliver the unique combination of green performance, significant energy savings, negligible carbon footprints, and healthier elements.
Dramatically Reduced Assembly Time
Significantly Reduced Running Costs
Using the best industry practices for roof & log thickness, durable flooring, and ease of assembly, these living units are used as rental cabins, extended living rooms, summer & winter homes, playhouse areas, or gaming rooms. Dwellers enjoy more headroom and legroom with sufficient space to move around and enjoy residential-quality amenities without additional costs.
Industry-best Ease of Portability/Shipping/Transportation
Long-term Energy Savings
Each of these log solutions is made from responsibly sourced timber that means controlled impact on the environment. Users get genuine wooden homes with the eco-friendly performance. This is why our dealers have been promoting these modern log units in regional marketplaces that seem more inclined towards green huts, energy saving lodges, organic living, and the use of environment friendly building practices.
Euro Standard, Compliant with Building Regulations
Planning Permissions
Contemporary designed log homes also have more compliance with local building regulations, land use permissions, green performance standards, or residential & commercial area development codes. Call them contemporary garden rooms or log garage sheds, these units can be built, shipped and assembled on-site within weeks, helping dealers address short-notice orders. Economical to maintain and easily transportable, these modular home cabin kits meet the global standards for vacation housing, holiday homes, seasonal accommodation, or annexing living areas.
Globally Relevant | International Shipping
Retailed across Multiple Geographies
More room for customization means better chances of a modern log cabin being better fitted along the boundary wall or putting a garden corner/nook to use. Sizing customization means better chances of a contemporary garden room fitting your backyard or being better aligned along the pathway or porch to better utilize and conserve the outdoor space.
Sleek Designs | Chic Log Cabins | Simplified Designs
Better Environmental Performance
Contemporary timber homes succeed where traditional camping log structures can fail. This includes areas that have almost no room for groundwork or site preparation to install a wooden lodge. Dealers catering to demands for compact, detached homes that can be set-up respecting the local ecology usually promote our modern cabin homes. Expect modern finishing touches that eradicate risks associated with fumes, vapour, chemical ingress, poor indoor air quality, or log joining techniques that induce spaces for energy leakage.
Sustainable Logs | Maximum Lifespan Wooden Cabins
NO Recurring Maintenance
Our designers are tuned into the emerging demand for natural living. Using a unique jointing system and handpicked timber, they have redefined log home designing, opening-up new possibilities that simply did not exist in the marketplace. From smartly integrating more room for sunlight and ventilation to effectively using glazing, each aspect is evaluated for the modern consumer. Expect healthy homes features like:

• Natural textures | • Excellent acoustics | • No build-up of chemical traces | • Avoiding green building materials with high allergy risks
Emerging curiosity for our new log cabin homes is emerging from:
Suburban getaways
Forested conservation areas
Organic living theme camping grounds
Outdoor event planners [countryside wedding themes]
Green building zones – properties demarcated for green buildings only
Our modern timber cabins are being installed across:
Urban areas, suburban locations
Dry, wet and humid climate areas
Holidaying, glamping, campsite locations
Countryside, beachside, lakefront, waterfront
Health & wellness centres, rehabilitation resorts
Rocky, mountainous terrains, hiking, skiing destinations
Luxurious Log Living Mansions | Modern Wooden Masterpieces | Unified Log Structures
New Design Opportunities | Modular Log Home Buildings | Best Log Making Technology
Contemporarily styled modular timber structures are styled for easy installations so that they can be used in many ways without restrictions. From creating a household annex to being used for entertaining guests, setting-up personal studios, creating workout areas, and doubling-up as a space to stock repair, garage, camping or gardening related gear, these timber structures are prepped for different uses. Use them as:
Luxury chalets
Annexure units
Garden homes
Home office studios
Outdoor penthouses
Personalized workshops
Corner backyard cabins
Insulated Garden rooms
Summer homes / winter homes
Meeting dens for neighbourhood clubs
Garden or tool storage / warehousing units

Precision Fitting | Fully Sealed Garden Homes | Undefined Lifespan…potentially forever!

We continue to merge Modern Architecture with the latest in Log Building Technologies…want to know more? Call us: +370 698 72755