Eurodita is one of the leading and trustworthy camping pods manufacturers that have been making a consistent use of wood which is not only durable but thick as well. These camping pods can well be advertised as a comfy mini hotel for those who are fond of camping.
As a professional camping pods manufacturer, Eurodita will develop a realistic space for you willing to make the most of the camping.
Buying a camping pod will fetch you great returns on the investment made after 2 years on site on a busy caravan or the camping site in less than a year. Camping pods are gaining immense popularity that are considered the most environmentally friendly alternative when it comes to camping in a tent or caravan. And the best part about them is they are more safe than camping because they come equipped with lockable doors and windows.
Even you don’t have to worry about the roof, as it’s designed to withstand awfully bad wind and heavy shower. Adding to it, these camping pods are designed in such a way that they can give one enough headroom other than varying in size accommodating two adults and two children.

  • Camping Pod 2.4×4.0m

  • Camping Pod 2.4×3.0m

  • Insulated Camping Pod 2.4×5.5M

  • Insulated camping Pod 2.4×3.0m

  • Insulated side door Pod 3×6.6m

  • Camping Pod 2.4×4.8m ‘Adventures for winters’

  • Camping Pod 2.4×3.5m

  • Insulated Camping Pod 3.0×6.6m

  • Insulated camping pod 2.4×3.5m

  • Standard Camping Pod 3.0 m x 4.8 m

  • Camping Pod 2.4×5.5m

  • Camping pod Shower room/toilet

  • Insulated Camping Pod with Side Wall Entrance Door 2.4×5.3m

  • Insulated camping pod 2.4×4.0m

  • camping-pod-3x4-8-pjuvis

    Standard Camping Pod 3.0 m x 5.9 m

  • Camping Pod 2.4×6.6m

  • Double Camping Pod 2.4×6.6m

  • Insulated Camping Pod with Side Wall Entrance Door 2.4×6.6m

  • Insulated camping pod 2.4×4.8m