19 mm log cabins
If you’re looking for a simple solution to a simple problem, an easy-to-build but definitely high quality 19-millimetre log cabin is one of the best options there are to find. Inexpensive but easy to maintain, these wooden houses will do just brilliantly if you’re looking for a simple interlocking cabin that offers you a simple installation and gives a simple garden house option for everyone purchasing it.
It’s a fairly cheap log cabin and the timber used in it is not thick but that does not mean that the quality of the materials is anywhere close to bad. The garden cabins are made only out of the best quality Northern timber that is purely suited for every summerhouse to remain sturdy and strong no matter what weather conditions occur. A simple interlocking system helps it to remain easy to build – they are easily assembled in a day, whether it’s a professional team or some people with some to none engineering experience.
These wooden houses can suit many of those looking, so if you’re looking just for that, contact Eurodita Sheds Direct and our team. 19 mm log cabins are inexpensive but highly customizable and practical and many people will find these log sheds serving as a brilliant option and a great problem solver. Get your 19 mm log cabins for your business now and let your business and your clients reap the benefits of a great interlocking building – this is a futuristic solution for a problem that you can keep in the past.

  • Eurodita firewood storage

    Firewood storage 2m3

  • Log Shed 2x2m

  • Garden log cabin

    Log shed 2×2.5m

  • Premium Firewood sheds

    Firewood storage 5m3

  • Log Shed 3.2x2m

  • Modern style Eurodita garden shed

    Modern garden shed 1.3×1.8m

  • Log Shed 2.56x2m

  • Eurodita log shed

    Log garden shed 1.8×1.3m

  • Eurodita modern log cabins

    Modern garden shed 1.3×2.35m

  • Log Shed 2.6×1.5m

  • Log cabin shed

    Log shed 1.8×1.8m

  • Eurodita Modern style sheds

    Modern garden shed 1.3x2m