Log Cabins and Sheds manufactured from 19mm wall thickness logs.

Eurodita Log Cabins and Sheds: The Leader a Smart Dealer Deserves

A great variety of standard design log cabins and sheds to choose from. Every dealer will find the models that fit the needs of his or her end-customers.

Key difference: Greater assortment. Lower price for an excellent product. Greater margin potential for smart dealers.

  • Firewood storage 2m3

  • Log Shed 2x2m

  • Log shed 2×2.5m

  • Firewood storage 5m3

  • Log Shed 3.2x2m

  • Modern garden shed 1.3×1.8m

  • Log Shed 2.56x2m

  • Log garden shed 1.8×1.3m

  • Modern garden shed 1.3×2.35m

  • Log Shed 2.6×1.5m

  • Log shed 1.8×1.8m

  • Modern garden shed 1.3x2m