Play Tower Swamp Rabbit

Playground Swamp Rabbit

  • Playground Swamp Rabbit made from finest quality Nordic spruce
  • Manufactured by all standards and certificates
  • All Eurodita Playgrounds and Play frames treated with Natural treatment
  • Colours available: Green or Brown
  • Play frame columns made from 70x70mm beams
  • Playground includes wooden two seat swing
  • With picnic table
  • Floor and roof boards -19mm thickness
  • Plastic slide


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It is very difficult to just go out and do a masterpiece in the first attempt. First, try is often unsuccessful: your first kick of a football didn’t end up in the top corner and your first cooking attempt was probably more of a latter than the former. And the bigger things you do, the more difficult are the consequences. It takes more time to master the big things, and these things do even bigger if you’re doing something serious, like building.

Log garden houses and building of them might seem not too difficult at the start – after all, it’s more or less a big wooden box with a roof, right? Not exactly like that. It’s a difficult structure and if you eventually pull it off, very often it doesn’t really look pleasing to the eye. And very often that repulses people from getting any log garden houses – nobody wants to overspend, and if you don’t spend big on materials, designing and people to work it, you’re left with something not so pleasing to the eye.

This is where we come in. We offer attractive, reliable and easy to build log garden houses for the prices that are surprisingly low.

We build everything out of the highest quality materials. Highest quality Siberian timbers are just the same as used in the beautiful Europe wooden chalets. Look it up, they’re stunning. And the projects we used, have been made by the best experts who know how good log garden houses are supposed to look like. And there are plenty of options – because some of us want a simple garden shed and some seek for a great garden chalet, so we’ve got choices for every single one around, who’s looking for an interlocking garden house. Everything’s there for you, so browse our site and pick your future garden home.

 “Eurodita” log cabins are a brilliant option if you’re looking for great garden houses. It’s attractive, it’s cheap and it’s reliable, absolutely it is the best of both worlds.