Play Tower Mountain Rabbit

Playground Mountain Rabbit

  • Playground Mountain Rabbit made from finest quality Nordic spruce
  • Manufactured by all standards and certificates
  • All Eurodita Playgrounds and Play frames treated with Natural treatment
  • Colours available: Green or Brown
  • Play frame columns made from 70x70mm beams
  • Floor and roof boards -19mm thickness
  • Plastic slide


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We all wish to turn our garden into a perfect place to stay. However, we also understand how difficult it might turn out to be to actually turn it this way. Just casual work – cutting the grass, taking care of the trees and doing all sorts of different things takes up a lot of time already. If you plan to get a garden house, it’s almost impossible to do it all at the same time. So something’s got to go.

If you’re doing any building work and you plan to do it quickly, it still takes a couple of months and during that time, your garden is just left forgotten. Or you hire some people to help you build a log cabin and the price tag turns to be just awful compared to what you were expecting at first. It would be brilliant if there was an actual option you just easily rely on and build your own log house quickly and on a smaller budget. And of course, with reliability and long-term thinking in mind. Log cabins trading – the place where we think we’re experts. We can turn this into reality.

These wooden houses are very simple to build. In fact, you can easily do it yourself, it doesn’t require any special training or a big team that you have to pay big money to get in the first place. Easy to build log cabins was our main goal from the very start, and we are sure that the interlocking systems used will actually make it simple for you. Log cabins trading can be simple from the beginning to the very end.

Of course, we tried to keep the price tag low but the quality is still brilliant. The interlocking systems mentioned before not only make it reliable – it also makes our easy to build “Eurodita” log cabins inexpensive, as we don’t use any metal nails and any other stuff like that.

“Eurodita” log cabins are built to last and look good while doing it. And we still use only the highest quality timber – Siberian timber, to be exact. Just the kind of material that is the best for timber buildings, that have to last long and do so while exposed to various temperatures and weather. We’ve done a big mission – we want you to have the best log cabin ever – we can offer it. Use the advantages of log cabins trading for your own good.