Play Tower March Rabbit

Playground March Rabbit

  • Playground March Rabbit made from finest quality Nordic spruce
  • Manufactured by all standards and certificates
  • All Eurodita Playgrounds and Play frames treated with Natural treatment
  • Colours available: Green or Brown
  • Play frame columns made from 70x70mm beams
  • Playground includes wooden swings
  • With picnic table
  • Floor and roof boards -19mm thickness
  • Plastic slide



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A building has to be expensive. Or so they say. Or so we hear, and every time people finally start believing it is the only truth, dreams start shattering. Some say it is impossible to get any kind of house or cabin without putting in a significant investment and spending loads of time in it.

And yes – sometimes these timber building projects can not only be highly expensive but take a lot of time as well. And so many dreams get shattered far before they even get a chance to be materialized. And if you try to get an economical option, they just turn out not being reliable, which is even worse.

Everyone deserves to be and live in a safe house.  And we don’t like to see anything different than that happen. So we worked for many years, trying to get everything right – trying to build prefabricated houses that are made out of highest quality materials, using only the best engineering options and the finest experts. And the log cabins price so low, you would never believe it can be done. But it is, and we are very proud of it.

Log cabin price shouldn’t be highly affected by the materials used – only the best quality should be considered, or so we believed and built these log cabins using the finest Siberian timber, probably the best timber possible for wooden houses, that is strong and durable. It is difficult to think – how those log cabins price can remain so low? But “Eurodita” log cabins just get everything together.

We have made many designs for you to choose from, so you will definitely be able to find just the right one for you no matter if you’re looking for a simple log shed or a premium wooden chalet, everything’s right there for the taking, And with the log cabins price  so low, you know that you can get your own house and don’t go completely bankrupt. It’s a great option for those, who are looking for a smart way.