Play Tower Forest Rabbit

Playground Forest Rabbit

  • Playground Forest Rabbit made from finest quality Nordic spruce
  • Manufactured by all standards and certificates
  • All Eurodita Playgrounds and Play frames treated with Natural treatment
  • Colours available: Green or Brown
  • Play frame columns made from 70x70mm beams
  • Playground includes wooden swings
  • With picnic table
  • Floor and roof boards -19mm thickness
  • Plastic slide


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Log cabins have been around us for many years. And some of them, sadly, aren’t looking good enough after some time. However, some are still standing strong, looking great and lasting through all the kinds of weather. So what’s the deal? How some log cabins stay so good while others don’t even get close.

A lot of the secret relies on the build quality and the systems as well as the materials used. It is significantly hard to get something right if you are using an old wooden plank, that wasn’t good enough even at the beginning of the building process, and some nails, that tend to rust and fall. All of it just turns out to be not good enough. You need real quality. You need real reliability. And we believe that you need interlocking log cabins. We’ve got a whole log cabins planet for you to choose from.

Interlocking log cabins are staggeringly easy to build. Say “no more” too long weeks of work, long weeks of planning, extra work and so many other things that make it difficult. A couple of days spent working and you have your own special timber building you can trust. Interlocking log cabins are a simple option that is easy to have. And “Eurodita” log cabins give you not only a reliable but an inexpensive option as well.

We use only the best materials for the mission. Siberian timber is the best example of that. Strong, reliable and perfectly suited for the mission, this material will last through many years. These are the log cabins planet Earth won’t destroy with the simple weather, never ever. Combine that with our nailless interlocking systems, and you got yourself the best combination of great materials and reliability.

“Eurodita” log cabins offer loads of designs and options of our interlocking log cabins. No matter what kind of log cabin interests you, we can make you sure, you’ll find something for yourself, no matter how big or how small, no matter what your budget is. And it all gets built so fast, you will have yourself a new garden home in no time. So pick wisely – “Eurodita” log cabins are a great option for everyone. There’s a whole log cabins planet for you to choose.