Play Tower Bushman Rabbit

  • Playground Bushman Rabbit made from finest quality Nordic spruce
  • Manufactured by all standards and certificates
  • All Eurodita Playgrounds and Play frames treated with Natural treatment
  • Colours available: Green or Brown
  • Play frame columns made from 70x70mm beams
  • Playground includes wooden swing
  • With sandbox
  • Floor and roof boards -19mm thickness
  • Plastic slide


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Reliability should be something every company should be aiming to do and offer for their clients. However, not all of them follow this path and so often we get to see possibly great products and amazing ideas getting ruined by poor execution of the companies, who don’t see things in the long term. “Eurodita” log cabins believe that both the client and the company should always be on the same page and live up to each other’s expectations.

If a company is willing to be a short-living cheap solution, so be it. And we offer you the best, high quality, reliable log cabins that will last you for decades if taken care of. It’s an inexpensive and simple solution – but we know how to make it the best of both worlds. How to keep the low price tag and get the best possible quality out of our wooden houses? It would be a true log cabins heaven if that worked out. Well, it did.

Reliable log cabins have to be made out of the best quality materials – we do just that, with Siberian timber, that is second to none when it comes to long-lasting timber homes – it will surely get you through all four seasons for many years.

The interlocking construction we’ve engineered is so simple, you can easily build this wooden house by yourself. They’re not only easy to build – they’re also reliable log cabins, that are not using any rusting metal connection parts, that are difficult to install, fix and take care of. Interlocking construction is key, and it surely works. These are the log cabins heaven could be proud of, we believe.

And finally, it’s all about the price. We have designed these reliable log cabins from scratch and we buy lots of timber to get everything done and ready. There’s no work that lasts for several weeks – but we worked for very long to offer a reliable option that can also sell for a low price tag. Our reliable log cabins are a brilliant option for those who look for quality but don’t want to overspend. Log cabins heaven – probably the best choice of log cabins. And the amazing quality of “Eurodita” log cabins is just the right thing to be proud of for us, and for you if you happen to have one.