Wooden Round Table

Eurodita has won global recognition for manufacturing contemporary lawn furniture. It continues to sustain a highly profitable supply chain to private label resellers and overseas retailers without any restrictive conditions


Often spotted at play areas for children, community parks, outdoor event venues, backyards, lawns and gardens, Eurodita Wooden Garden Round Table performs admirably in all outdoor conditions. This rot-proof bench can accommodate many people together quickly. The rustic and robust look of this modern lawn furniture blends well with any garden setting and enhances the look graciously with its minimalistic design.  Venue managers at outdoor venues often order this patio table in bulk to provide outdoor lawn sittings to guests—a big reason why our wholesale dealers have been able to push this inventory in the most fiercely competed marketplaces continually. The bench-table set is seen at community BBQ events, backyard celebrations and when banqueting arrangements are made at outdoor venues.


  • Yard Table: This can be the perfect outhouse table or a patio seating option. The yard table provides secured sitting with its board construction. The round table for garden offers additional eating/sitting space to the users with its extended benches
  • Sustainable Furniture: We use responsibly sourced, and FSC certified Nordic spruce to manufacture this modern lawn furniture with benches. The carbon footprints due to the production and processing of the table are drastically lower than other conventional furniture.
  • Honest Pricing: Eurodita does not try to manipulate the pricing. Even during low or high seasons, the quote for our patio tables or modular benches will be met unless there is something unavoidable and for any downtime in order processing, the customer is always informed first


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Technical Specifications:

  • Eurodita Wooden garden Round Table with Benches
  • Superior quality Wooden garden Round Table with Benches
  • Made from Premium Class Nordic Timber
  • Diameter: 1060mm
  • Height: 770mm
  • Seating height: 460mm
  • Boards: 40mm
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Wooden Rounded Table with Benches

Wooden Rounded Table not only gives you the best extra outdoor eating space but also used for many purposes. This Wooden Rounded Table is designed in such a way that kids can easily use this table as it does not has corners to hurt. This is portable, durable, and requires low maintenance. This super quality wooden garden round Table with benches is made from Premium Class Nordic timber and is very strong. This rounded table has got enough space to enjoy with your family and friends.