Wooden Garden Bench [2.0m]

Eurodita stands tall among the global list of log structure makers with unchallenged prices and quality in the Log Garages & Cabin Homes domain—a specialist in making Nordic Timber table & outdoor furniture too!


Eurodita Wooden Garden Bench offers a unique combination of style and unmatchable structural integrity. The Nordic timber table has been often spotted at residential and commercial premises—a big favourite among real estate developers who insist that the backyard, lawn and camping ground is populated with kid-safe playing options. Furniture dealers often market this Backyard Table to authorities managing children’s park or community play areas as it is child-safe and poses no threat to kids, pets—family-safe benches that are easy to retail in the most competitive marketplace! These bench seats have also made it to seating options at banquet events, bistros and community centres with outdoor seating options.


  • High Durability: This modular outdoor furniture is built from long-lasting and robust lumber—a big reason why furniture store owners often market this to clients who are looking for longevity in furniture. Yes, the design is simple, but it has the natural texture, grain pattern, and rustic finishing associated with outdoor furniture that shouldn’t look too formal
  • Quality Manufacturing: With Eurodita, you won’t have to deal with problems like loose-fitting parts that can be risky. Excellent customer service ensures the trust among our dealers remains unquestioned. This bench has also been ordered by outdoor wedding venue planners who need weather-proof and inviting furniture options
  • Long Term Investment: The patio furniture is designed with anti-root and anti-termite treatment. Campsite owners and resort developers invest in this wooden table as it has negligible caring demands. This bench has been ordered by institutions catering to Montessori/pre-school/playschool learning who need safe seating options in the play zones, waiting for areas, children supervision zones


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Technical Specifications:

  • Eurodita Wooden Garden Bench 2.0
  • Superior quality Wooden Garden Bench 2.0
  • Made from Premium Class Nordic Timber
  • Length: 2000mm
  • Legs: 80×80 mm
  • Boards: 40x80mm
  • Height: 960mm
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