Eurodita Log House 145m2 – Nordic Timber, Residential Wooden House

Eurodita Log House 145m2 - Nordic Timber, Residential Wooden House

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Log House 145 m2 has created a reputation of being the most fiercely competed product among log home companies, constantly engaging compliments with its durability and smart designing. The layout has have historic inspirations while choosing smartly crafted materials ensures energy savings. Tough to the core, Nordic timber houses are built using German and Italian technologies. These residential log homes are well-insulated and offer coziness during harsh winters. Camping log houses are emerging as the preferred choice for commercial hotel properties for extending the room to accommodate more vacationers, and are also spotted at campsites, trekking trails, forest reserves, and nature conservation spaces.


  • Strong Construction: The winter log cabin is constructed from Nordic timber that remains untreated and unpainted. The traditional log cabins can withstand bushfire, cyclones and earthquakes
  • Very Spacious: This residential log house is ideal for large families and groups of friends. From public camping grounds to private camping locations, from backcountry to woodlands and wet areas, this log house can be set-up in nearly any area
  • Industry-Oriented: Nordic timber houses are increasingly in demand across hotels, professionally maintained campsites. Many hiking clubs continue to order these vacation homes in bulk, fully aware that the log structured are primed to outlast the toughest conditions


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Technical Specifications:

  • Log House Area: 145 sq. m
  • Available in Twin Skin: 34+34mm; 44+44mm; 68+68mm
  • Available Wall Thickness: 28mm; 35mm; 44mm; 68mm; 90mm; 120mm; 140mm; 160mm; 200mm
  • Available in Laminated Logs
  • Log Size: 1840 X 950cm
  • 28 mm tongue and groove Floor Boards
  • 28 mm tongue and groove Roof Boards
  • Available in any size
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Being 100% environmentally friendly in the 21st century is very difficult unless one builds a house by hands – only with an axe and a saw. The building foundation, walls, the roof – in the modern times it is unimaginable to construct it without the help of the technology. Eurodita has discovered the way how to stay environmentally friendly while applying the latest architectural innovations.