Camping Bus [2.4×3.5 m]

Eurodita is the global supplier of wooden structures that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of outdoor spaces like camping sites, backyards, trekking trails and more. It is an established B2B supplier helping dealers expand their business in regional marketplaces.


Eurodita Camping Bus can be the perfect towable recreational vehicle with its smart design and an ideal size. Easy to attach to and move along with many cars and hassle-free to set-up in different types of camping grounds, this log camping bus is better than a typical motorhome or travel trailer. The timber camping bus is easy to manoeuvre in the space-constricted area or places with vehicle-size regulations. Not creating unwanted tail swing or presenting problems like excessively weighing-in on the motoring engine, this wooden camping bus is the perfect answer for all group camping/family camping plans.


  • Well Furnished: The wooden bus has been spotted in glamping destinations too because it is outfitted to meet and surpass vacationing accommodation standards for modern users who demand home-like comforts. It is preferred by the dealers and cabin retailers for its well-furnished interiors that have – double or single bed, bunk bed, long bench, and table
  • Simple Setup: Eurodita portable wooden camping bus is easy to haul and come with a simple camping site setup mechanism. The bus is easy to move around using standard vehicle towing supplies or accessories—without the need to buy specific, expensive tools. Eurodita dealers have been able to highlight and market this aspect for more buying engagement
  • Impeccable Delivery: Eurodita dedicatedly provides its dealers, a perfect service where timely deliveries are a standard. The supplier of wooden structure maintains cordial relationships with regional carrier companies, logistics companies, warehousing sites, and overseas partners who can expedite deliveries in specific areas


What’s Trending in the Timber Industry? Contemporary Log Cabins!


Technical Specifications:

  • Camping cabin – Camping Bus 2.4×3.5m
  • Camping bus manufactured using premium quality Nordic timber Pinewood
  • One room
  • Cabin size 2.4×3.5m
  • Camping Bus height 2.6m
  • Wall thickness 46mm
  • Double glazed opening Window 700x900mm
  • Double glazed opening Window 1020x1060mm
  • Glued Door 700x1800mm with double glass window 295x580mm
  • Roof covered with shingles in colours of your choice
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