Camping bus 5.9m

Camping cabin – Camping Bus 2.4×5.9m
Camping bus manufactured using premium quality Nordic timber Pinewood
3 rooms
Cabin size 2.4×5.9m
Camping Bus height 2.6m
Wall thickness 46mm
Double glazed opening Window 700x900mm
Double glazed opening Window 1020x1060mm
Glued Door 700x1800mm with double glass window 295x580mm
Roof covered with shingles in colours of your choice

Camping Buses supplied with Premium quality wooden furniture:

Double or single bed
Bunk bed (2 floors)
Long bench
We can instal extra walls by request
Camping bus can be delivered flat packed or assembled.
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Getting things on a budget sometimes seems like a sign of a bad taste. As if everyone looking for a cheaper option if also saving on quality. And there are many examples when this is right, because the people behind the cheap options are not concerned about the quality, as all that matters is the price. The materials, people who put their effort into creating a product – they don’t seem to matter for them because the price is always put first. However, we believe that there is another way. A way to make things cheap but still keep them on budget. This might sound like an impossible mission but we highly believe that we did it perfectly. We believe that we still managed to offer you quality log sheds, for a price that is absolutely incredible. Log cabins all around the world are just catching up the innovations and systems used in our quality global log sheds.

You can look around our site and make yourself sure – we offer quite a few of them. You will definitely find a great option for yourself. We designed, engineered and prepared a lot of wooden houses to choose from.

We use only the best materials for the mission. As we build quite a few houses, we are capable of offering you the highest quality materials. It is strong and capable of lasting you through many years of various weather conditions. It is the best we were able to find, to create quality log sheds. We used the experience of many log cabins all around the world to create the best product – true global log sheds. And “Eurodita” log cabins are just good quality offer.

The construction process is very simple. It doesn’t require weeks of work or months of training. A simple process using interlocking systems and everything not only builds easily, it also stands strong. It’s a reliable option.

And lastly, we’re back at the price. “Eurodita” log cabins worked very hard to bring you the best materials and get the best deals from the suppliers, and we did our best to put everything together so well, just so the price point would stay low. Because we believe, that far more people should get quality log sheds. And it should be something easy to afford. Log cabins all around the world for people to get – true global log cabins. That is out goal.