Camping Bus [2.4×4 m]

Eurodita has carved its niche as a manufacturer of timber solutions for fixed, portable and movable requirements, including timber cabins, garden sheds, camping buses, garden furniture, and more.


Some people associate RV-like motoring homes with substantial upfront costs, limited amenities, challenging to customise interior living space, and more-than-needed cargo space. Eurodita Wooden Camper Bus has been able to address all such challenges, offering the ideal blend of storage and cargo stocking capacity. Unlike some towable RVs that need many licensing approvals and can be difficult to drive along narrower, less structured roads, Eurodita pinewood camping bus for RV-ing or trailer camping needs, is more comfortable to detach, attach, setup, maintain, and drive around.


  • Versatile Use: These camping cabin buses are being increasingly spotted at all types of RV camping grounds and spaces dedicated to hosting hikers, bikers, travel groups, sports utility vehicles, recreational trailers, mobile camping units, off-road trailers, camper trailers, and another type of hauliers
  • Durable Structure: Conventional camping buses can be cumbersome and very expensive. But a portable wooden camping home is permanent and inexpensive. It combines the thrills and solidity associated with motorhomes, RV vehicles, camper vans, mini-campers, mid-sized RVs, towable RVs, travel trailers, and wheeled trailers.
  • Exclusive Dealer’s Program: So far, owing to the quality of our products and low prices, each dealer associated with Eurodita has started making a real profit during the first year of dealership benefits itself, with some dealers reporting up to 20% in profits


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Technical Specifications:

  • Camping cabin – Camping Bus 2.4×4.0m
  • Camping bus manufactured using premium quality Nordic timber Pinewood
  • Two room
  • Cabin size 2.4×4.0m
  • Camping Bus height 2.6m
  • Wall thickness 46mm
  • Double glazed opening Window 700x900mm
  • Double glazed opening Window 1020x1060mm
  • Glued Door 700x1800mm with double glass window 295x580mm
  • Roof covered with shingles in colours of your choice
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