Standard log Cabin Euro 5x5m

Log cabin wall sizes:
  • 5000x5000mm
Available log cabin wall thickness:
  • 34mm
  • 44mm
Log cabin wall height:
  • 2100mm
Log cabin ridge height:
  • 2700mm
Log cabin windows and doors:
  • Single glass for 34mm
  • Double glass for 44mm
  • Premium quality Standard log cabins range
  • Available in stock, request for quote and quick delivery
  • Standard log Cabin Euro 5x5m
  • Wall thickness 34mm
  • Standard log Cabin Euro 5x5m available in 34mm;44mm wall thickness
  • Single glassed window 135x93cm with 34mm wall thickness walls
  • Double single glassed door with 34mm wall thickness walls
  • Double glassed window 135x93cm with 44mm wall thickness walls
  • Double glassed door with 44mm thickness walls
  • Door size 140x190cm
  • Inside Area 22.2m2
  • Standard log Cabin Euro 5x5m side wall height 210cm
  • Standard log Cabin Euro 5x5m roof ridge 270cm
  • Front Canopy size: 100cm
  • Floor boards 19mm thickness
  • Roof boards 19mm thickness


Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

Log shed prices are very often difficult to estimate and calculate. Most of the time this happens when it is done all on your own, with your own project and materials. It is just impossible to estimate everything – how long the building is going to take, how many people will be needed, how will everything go in general.

In the earlier, planning stages, sometimes it looks like a trouble brewing. Construction has to remain lightweight but guarantees safety and sometimes this proves to be too much. There have to be no holes left for the cold air to go through, and if you’re using nails, they mustn’t be exposed to rain and snow and God forbid if you got a nail wrong, because taking it out will be painful.

All of these, and many more problems all add up together not only to a bad price but also to a fact, that more and more people actually consider not building anything, because of all the problems that may happen. Log sheds trading prices are huge? We know how to make them smaller. Are log sheds difficult to build? We know how to change that as well. Everything goes to one and only conclusion – prefabricated log cabins, that are simple to construct in a short period of time without any professional help from experienced builders.

There are plenty of designs to choose from, so it’s not a problem if you have a specific log house in mind – there’s a big chance it’s already there in our site, waiting for the right owner. Our log sheds trading prices are low but the materials are not even close to cheap. The highest quality Siberian timber is just the right material for the best log cabins there are to find. This timber can and will stay strong after many years, it is the best choice we were able to find.

So look around and pick the log cabin you like the most. Pick “Eurodita” log cabins if you want the best quality for the lowest price. They’re all created to offer the best quality and the best building experience. And all of it goes into a low priced package. We did it all with years of hard work and now we offer the fruits for you. The log sheds trading prices can be low, and it’s all thanks to “Eurodita” log cabins.