Standard log Cabin Euro 4x5m

Log cabin wall sizes:
  • 4000x5000mm
Available log cabin wall thickness:
  • 34mm
  • 44mm
Log cabin wall height:
  • 2100mm
Log cabin ridge height:
  • 2700mm
Log cabin windows and doors:
  • Single glass for 34mm
  • Double glass for 44mm
  • Premium quality Standard log cabins range
  • Available in stock, request for quote and quick delivery
  • Standard log Cabin Euro 4x5m
  • Wall thickness 34mm
  • Standard log Cabin Euro 4x5m available in 34mm;44mm wall thickness
  • Single glassed window 135x93cm with 34mm wall thickness walls
  • Double single glassed door with 34mm wall thickness walls
  • Double glassed window 135x93cm with 44mm wall thickness walls
  • Double glassed door with 44mm thickness walls
  • Door size 140x190cm
  • Inside Area 17.5m2
  • Standard log Cabin Euro 5x4m side wall height 210cm
  • Standard log Cabin Euro 5x4m roof ridge 270cm
  • Front Canopy size: 150cm
  • Floor boards 19mm thickness
  • Roof boards 19mm thickness


Nordic Timber
No finger joint
10 years anti rot guarantee
100% quality guarantee

Wooden cabins are very often called an expensive option that not many people are able to choose. “They’re big, hard to build, take so much time and are expensive?”, some say. We believe, that it is far from true. Timber buildings are capable of being highly multifunctional, easy to build and attractive to the eye. If you think that is not possible, we look forward to proving these assumptions wrong. We look forward to introducing you to probably the best houses of logwood planet Earth has seen.

Interlocking log cabins are reliable and easy to build. Interlocking systems, who use no nails, are safe from rusting, simply because there’s nothing that can rust and the safety of you and those inside the log cabin is not relying on how the metal will be able to withstand snow and rain. And when it comes to building times, prefabricated log cabin sets can go from start to finish in no time, and you won’t need a big team of professional builders to get it done as well. With the right plans and professional materials, this can be a super easy mission for anyone willing to go for it. The logwood planet awaits you. Just pick the best offer to find – that is “Eurodita” log cabins.

The are plenty of wooden cabins to choose from in our site. Starting from the simplest log sheds, used mostly for storage and other small things, going all the way up to big and fancy wooden cabins that you easily could live in. They’re versatile, and it’s only up to you what kind of usage for your log cabin you will think of, and what model is your preferred one. It’s not an expensive option anymore. Long gone are the days when building a log house took you ages.

Now, these “Eurodita” log cabins can be built easily, and the price tag is low. It’s up to you how good your vision will turn out to be. A simple shed, a storage space, a log garage or maybe a beautiful wooden summer? We offer you a chance to use your creativity and we give you a chance to do it quickly because when we want something, we want it now. Not in six months, and not in a year. Jump In the logwood planet and enjoy the reliability and quality it offers.