Standard Log Cabin [5x4m]

Eurodita is a dedicated supplier of a diverse range of log products like timber shed cabins, wooden garden furniture, timber playhouses and more. We have established great relations with cabin dealers in over 50 nations.

Real estate developers usually have pressure to deliver the best outdoor lodging units that are durable and can work well as guest rooms, home office, or a clock house. Therefore, Standard Log Cabins that are specifically designed to cater to such needs are the best bet for winter cabin sellers across all geographies. These garden shed cabins are primarily built using advanced floor plan that helps to save on energy bills. Built for versatile use, these log shed homes keep the occupants comfortable and cosy.

  • Backyard Friendly: These compact log homes are easy to accommodate in the backyard. These log structures work great as an extra guest room, home office place or even a recreational room.
  • Private Label Cabins: What makes these wooden shed cabins favourite among the cabin resellers is that these cabins come without our label. They can be easily marketed under the dealers’ name without any legal or data confidentiality conflict
  • Simplified Logistics: When ordering the pre-fit shed home kits, the cabin resellers do not have to worry about the deliveries. We are known to work closely with transport and logistics companies during the delivery process ensuring fast and reliable delivery.

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Technical Specifications:
Wall thickness: 34mm
Standard log Cabin Euro 5x4m available in 34mm; 44mm wall thickness
Single glassed window 135x93cm with 28mm wall thickness walls
Double single glassed door with 28mm wall thickness walls
Double glassed window 135x93cm with 34mm and 44mm wall thickness walls
Double glassed door with 34mm and 44mm thickness walls
Door size: 140x190cm
Inside Area: 17.5m2
Sidewall height: 210cm
Roof ridge: 270cm
Front Canopy size: 150cm
Floorboards: 19mm thickness
Roof boards: 19mm thickness

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It is important to us that our partners’ end-customers never complain about missing or defective parts, hence we go an extra mile to ensure that the delivery reaches the destination fast and in perfect condition. Once the smart dealer makes an order of log structures from Eurodita, be sure to experience a certain peace of mind.