Standard Log Cabin [3x4m]

As a supplier of wooden log units, Eurodita is committed to serving log unit dealers across global locations & private label log cabin resellers, providing a trustworthy supply chain of wooden structures like playhouses, sauna barrels and more.

Standard Log Cabin is trending big among cabin retailers who are selling them as outdoor-ready log structures, engaging the attention of property builders and landscape artists. This wooden shed home features the Nordic concept of free-air-life. Perfect for those who like to reconnect with nature and relish low-energy living unit, these timber shed homes are better than traditionally built cabin homes. The well-insulated homes and smart cabin designs of these garden shed cabins reduce carbon footprints – a big reason why they are preferred by home designers!

  • Healthier Living: Often preferred by log cabin dealers looking for healthier living units, these timber houses keep away the common pollutants and eliminate indoor quality threats like bacteria, mould, rot, and fumes.
  • Well Insulated: The major reason these wooden shed houses are making it big in the timber cabin industry is that they are comprehensively sealed, preventing air leakage. This helps the occupants maintain the preferred indoor temperature and cut down the energy bills.
  • Easy-to-Market: The vacation homes manufactured by Eurodita not only feature durable but thick wood. Often advertised as comfortable mini-hotels, these camping units can be sold as private label units and can be used for a variety of purposes like warehousing, home office, camping home, and more.

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Technical Specifications:
Premium quality Standard log cabins range
Wall thickness: 28mm
Standard log Cabin Euro 3x4m available in 28mm; 34mm;44mm wall thickness too
Single glassed window: 1x 135x93cm; 1x 69x93cm with 28mm and 34mm wall thickness
Double single glassed door with 28mm and 34mm wall thickness
Double glassed window: 1x 135x93cm; 1x 69x93cm with 44mm wall thickness
Double glassed door with 44mm wall thickness
Door size: 140x190cm
Inside Area: 10m2
Sidewall height: 205cm
Roof ridge: 245cm
Front Canopy size: 150cm
Floorboards: 19mm thickness
Roof boards: 19mm thickness

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Delivering prime quality log structures is one of the main reasons Eurodita became No#1 supply choice for smart dealers and retailers. Only the finest Nordic timber is used in the log structures production. The trees are hand-picked for their quality, and only the best trees are used in the final construction.