Standard Log Cabin Nadine

Besides being the maker of sturdy glamping units and backyard cabins, Eurodita has also established itself as a wholesale supplier of timber accommodation units across 50 nations.


Modern Style Log Cabin Nadine is trending big among the cabin dealers and realtors for its sturdy construction and well-insulated walls. This Nordic timber shed works well as backyard cabin, campsite recreation room or log structure storage space. The garden shed features Siberian spruce construction and uses advanced technology manufacturing to ensure a greener, safer performance.


  • Dealer Networks: For dealers selling our modular log cabins we have set-up the most exceptional network for lumber units where outdoor accommodation units are supplied at bulk rates with room for processing emergency orders without significant waiting periods
  • Smart Floor Plan: The park homes feature an intelligent floor plan that is open to customisation. Well-insulated walls and thick floorboards ensure low energy bills and ensure that occupants are cosy and comfortable.
  • Delivery Standards: As an international supplier of log cabins, we ensure timely delivery of the timber cabin kits by enriching our global collaboration with couriers, carriers, and transport companies apart from regional logistic solutions providers


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Technical Specifications:

Dimensions (width x length): 5600 x 4500 mm

  • Wall thickness: 70 mm
  • Wall height: 2430 mm
  • Roof pitch (degree + Total cottage altitude): 19°, 3387 mm
  • Roof thickness: 20 mm
  • Floor thickness: 28 mm
  • Rafters’ dimensions and quantity: 70 x 150 mm, five units
  • Front extension of the canopy: 300 mm
  • The area of a roof: 50.6 m2
  • The length of the terrace —
  • Windows and doors quality Glulam timber with double-glazed units
  • Windows and doors dimensions and quantity: 700×1000(x3), 800×2000, 600×600(x2), 1400×2000, 800×1930(x4) mm
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Exclusive dealership is also a possibility. If certain conditions are met, we put in place an arrangement wherein you become the sole dealer of Eurodita timber products in a predetermined geographical area. For the duration of our agreement, no other wholesaler or retailer in that area will be allowed the right to purchase and sell our products.