Standard Log Cabin Sandra

Eurodita has established itself as the leading supplier of bulk rate timber products. We offer an assortment of log structures—Timber Carports, Camping Buses, Garages, Log Cabins, Garden Sheds


Home designers and log cabin resellers always look for timber lodging units that can withstand the harshest weathers and are disaster-proof. They prefer opting for Standard Log Cabins manufactured by Eurodita as these log units are ready for the harshest outdoor conditions, with high resistance to warping, shrinkage, joint loosening, cracking, or moisture seepage. These timber pavilions feature a smart floor plan and are energy efficient. These portable timber sheds can be easily spotted in commercial campsites and find immediate buyers among RV lifestyle enthusiasts.


  • Well Insulated: Delivered as log cabin kits, these timber structures have thick walls that allow the occupants to stay warm despite the harsh weather outdoors. Extra thick log profile means more resistance, also helping to conserve energy
  • Versatile Use: What makes this Nordic spruce sheds a favourite among cabin retailers is their versatility. You can use these timber sheds at campsites as extra accommodation units or as backyard rooms for recreation or as a seasonal warehousing unit.
  • Easy to Market: We at Eurodita use the best lumber in the market when it comes to constructing these timber shed homes. They can be easily advertised as comfortable accommodation units for campers and families—making things easier for our trusted dealers!


Buy the Best Log Garages in the Timber Industry!


Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions (width x length): 5100 x 6000 mm
  • Wall thickness: 70 mm
  • Wall height 2295 mm
  • Roof pitch (degree + Total cottage altitude): 20°, 3162 mm
  • Roof thickness: 20 mm
  • Floor thickness: 28 mm
  • Rafter’s dimensions and quantity: 70 x 150 mm, five units
  • Front extension of the canopy: 400 mm
  • The area of a roof: 40.0 m2
  • The length of the terrace —
  • Windows and doors quality Glulam timber with double-glazed units
  • Windows and doors dimensions and quantity: 1600×2000, 600×600(x2), 800×1000(x2), 800×2000(x2) mm
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Eurodita produces for private label, and for private label only. This principle gives our dealers unique marketing opportunities and huge mark-up potential. Everything you receive from us – from initial drawings for bespoke designs to final products – comes without our logo or any other mark of origin identification. You decide on your own terms whether to disclose your source of supply or not. Your brand and market the log cabins in whatever way you think will profit you the most.