Sauna Pod [2.4×3.0m]

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Eurodita Sauna Pod 2.4×3.0 gains from strengthened walls and a smart floor plan that makes camping managers and venue planners assured about happy travellers, campers and trekkers in this strong steam sauna. Built to withstand extreme weather conditions, the rustic sauna cabin has bitumen shingles roofing and pinewood construction—the reason why free accommodation timber home resellers have been able to sell these in big numbers!


  • Extremely Versatile: The Nordic spruce sauna pod complies with standards for outdoor accommodation fittings, temporary housing-like units, and backyard real estate development. Employed at businesses that cater to holiday crowds, such as sites dedicated to camping, trekking, hiking, or hunting, the sauna pod can perform in all weather conditions
  • Safe Insulation: Vacationing folks and campers can feel assured about the overall durability. Choice of pinewood means improved performance across any terrain—holiday home dealers prefer to sell these as custom-made sauna structures over other sauna igloos or sauna homes that are usually expensive to install and maintain
  • Unique Features: This steam sauna pod features a changing room, bitumen shingles roofing plan, heat-resistant plates for the stove, heater, portable benches, and feet rest tables. For barrel sauna and outdoor cabin sauna sellers, these pods have been very easy to market with such outperforming features


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Technical specification:

  • Dimensions: 2.4×3.0m
  • Sauna Pod Height: 2600mm
  • Inside area: 5.1 mt. sq.
  • Changing room size: 1m
  • Premium Quality Nordic Pine
  • Roof covered with Premium Bitumen Shingles
  • Wall Thickness: 46mm
  • Two windows, Tempered double glazed: 295x580mm
  • Secure Lock Double Door: 1030x1900mm
  • 28mm Tongue & Groove Floor
  • 1 tempered double-glazed door inside, separating sauna and changing room
  • 2 benches inside sauna and 2 – in changing room
  • 2 portable benches for the feet rest
  • Heat-resistant plates for heater/stove
  • A heater can be supplied electric or wood burning
  • The Sauna pod can be delivered fully assembled or in Flat packs.
  • Assembled pod size: 2.4mx3.0mx2.6m
  • Flat packed pod size: 1.2mx3.0mx1.2m
  • Pod weight: 1400Kg.
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