Wooden Playhouse Woody

Eurodita is creating industry-first imprints in manufacturing and selling top quality timber structures to private label sellers dealing in play structures for kids & wholesale furniture dealers


Known for its kid-friendly structure and portability, Eurodita playhouses are in big demand across dealers who cater to schooling institutions, property developers, residential landscaping artists, and vacation home planners. Some people assume that play castles are just a better designed play-shed type of structure where kids can play. However, these are smartly designed play sets for children that are often made to order for playgrounds at schools and community parks. They are designed to help children use their physical and mental energies. Wholesale furniture dealers have been able to sell these playhouse units across early education institutions and places that house kids for a longer duration.


  • Contemporary Playhouse – wooden play homes are trending big as parents and educators want to familiarise kids with the outdoors. These wooden play sets are more natural as compared to those made from plastics or metal. The aura of a wooden cabin has been retained and mated with the best practices for designing a safe play structure for young kids
  • Easy Installation – Eurodita play sets are delivered in an easy to assemble form. The idea is to reduce shipping demands and make the installation easier. Most of these play castles are as apt for the backyard or the patio as for a dedicated playing zone at a school or play area at a commercial site
  • Smart Aesthetics – our playhouse dealers have had great things to say about this play home castle for kids. The best part has been the overwhelming response from homeowners who say that the wooden playhouse looks more-than-good when placed in their garden, backyard, near pathways, or around the parking aisles


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Technical Specifications:

  • Wooden Play House Woody
  • Playhouse Woody wall thickness: 19mm
  • Playhouse wall size: 105x130cm
  • Inside size: 94x118cm
  • Inside area: 1.1m2
  • Playhouse wall height: 112cm
  • Ridge height: 152cm
  • Playhouse door size: 61x110cm
  • Window size: 63x54cm
  • Package size: H24x80x130cm
  • Package weight: 83kg
  • Loading 210 units in a lorry
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