Wooden Play House Woody

Wooden Play House Woody
Play house Woody wall thickness 19mm
Play house wall size 105x130cm
Inside size 94x118cm
Inside area 1.1m2
Play house wall height 112cm
Ridge height 152cm
Play house door size 61x110cm
Window size 63x54cm

Package size H24x80x130cm
Package weight 83kg
Loading 210 units in lorry

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This is a playhouse that children will love, a wooden playhouse that is made to last and made to be fun. We all care about the health and fitness of our children and playing outside is the crucial and one of the most effective ways to keep them fit. Keeping our children fit is great – but we also should make sure that every kid’s playhouse is reliable and safe. This is why it is wise to choose a wooden playhouse, that is constructed in a way a real log house is and also has no harmful materials used in it. And the children will love the playful design and the various possibilities to use this playhouse in any way they want. And at the very same time, parents can be calm – their children will be playing in a safe kids playhouse that is built to endure all the beating that is probably bound to come. You know it will happen.

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