Playhouse Tower with Slide

Catering to private-label sellers and wooden furniture dealers on a large scale, Eurodita has been fulfilling the needs of bulk-rate timber structures, with immense room for customisation


From community park owners to vocational homes, there is a massive demand for all-in-one playhouses which comprise of slide and ladder along with the main playhouse structure. Our dealers often share customer feedback, where it is imminent that visitors in vacationing locations often feel the lack of safe playing structures that can keep the children occupied without raising the apprehensions of parents. Eurodita play-castle serves the need of having a playhouse which gives space to flourish the imagination of young minds. These are kid-safe outdoor homes. Wooden play-castle has large windows which allow guardians to have a close watch on kids.


  • Complete Set: Early learning establishments often require a play castle that serves both the requirements of a garden playset and swings as well. A slide with a ladder in a wooden play-castle adds another fun element, and it is safe and looks good in the garden or playground
  • Built Tough: Made for children, this garden playhouse can outlast the worst weather conditions. Timber used in making the garden playhouse is of supreme quality. Timber structure sellers catering to playhouse requirements with an emphasis on safety have been able to sell these in large numbers
  • High Profits: Our outdoor playtime furniture dealers feel confident about these play structures as they provide a safe playtime environment without the threat of sharp edges, toxic chemicals, harmful colours, or rough surfaces


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Technical Specifications:

  • Superior quality Wooden Playhouse with Slide
  • Premium class Nordic timber
  • Wooden Playhouse with Slide size 1750x3320mm
  • Wooden Playhouse with Slide Wall Thickness 19mm
  • Wooden Playhouse with Slide ridge height 2130mm
  • Door
  • Opening window
  • Complete with Fixings and Instructions
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