Wooden Playhouse Tomas

Eurodita stands committed to excellence in supplying premium quality timber structures like carports and outdoor play castles to its dealers and B2B partners across the world, including US, UK and Europe


When vacationing, parents and guardians often ask the resort or hotel owners for dedicated play areas that can host kids. Property developers at such places ensure there are safe solutions like Eurodita range of playhouses that offer safe, indoor or outdoor fun for children. These wooden playhouses have residential application too. They are considered a must-have at homes with kids. Community parks or school playgrounds also have demarcated zones for younger children. These spaces are often fitted with the Tomas wooden playhouse. It is sturdy and outdoor-ready without being expensive. Our outdoor furniture retail sellers usually sell these units as a greener, more eco-friendly play home options that can be delivered internationally!


  • Proper Ventilation: Our designers have worked hard to create a playset with doors and bigger windows which allow fresh air and help parents keep a watch over children. Outdoor playset vendors often request for such playhouse models as many guardians are very particular about open ventilation with a playhouse design that provides more room for kids’ movement
  • Comprehensive Supply: Nothing at Eurodita is bulk produced to avoid scenarios where the dealers have the difficult task of selling predictable inventory without any room for customisation. Our furniture dealers get the leverage of ordering more customised playhouse models to ensure they can promise the buyers a right-sized play structure for a garden, backyard, playing ground, schoolyard, or community park
  • Safety First: The kid’s play units are made with materials tested for the safety of children. Our outdoor furniture dealers have been able to work this advantage to market these wooden structures to early education centres and daycare-like facilities where themed play activities for children is the norm


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Technical Specifications:

  • Wooden Playhouse Tomas size: 1750x1300mm
  • Wooden Playhouse Tomas Wall Thickness: 19mm
  • Wooden Playhouse Tomas ridge height: 1450mm
  • Door
  • Opening window
  • Complete with Fixings and Instructions
  • Bitumen roof felt included
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