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Eurodita Wooden Playhouse is designed to keep children happy and active, being increasingly bought by educational institutions that need children shed-type camping facilities as part of their outdoor facilities. Hiking and vacation home property managers often struggle with children-safe outdoor activity areas that are snugly insulated against outdoor weather conditions and the harms associated with favourite rides or toys. This play zone castle has been created with an emphasis on durability, eco-friendliness, and has been able to meet the most robust standards for maintaining kid safety. Being environment-friendly, and easy-to-assemble, these Wooden Play Area Homes are a smart choice for dealers selling recreational furniture items to commercial and residential property owners.


  • DIY Approach: Kids’ timber playhouse castle is shipped with clear instructions that ensure ease of assembly. It has been spotted at party rental providers too who set up these structures as a part of festive celebrations. Now also seen within covered enclosures of community homes, these play homes are easy to assemble without complication processes/preparation
  • Spacious: Playhouses give children enough space to play with their friends and develop healthy relationships. Ample floor area and big windows allow children to decode social interactions via self-exploration. Our outdoor furniture dealers have been able to cross-sell these playhouse castles to educational institutions also!
  • Fully Compliant: These playground sets meet the installation, sizing and performance standards that have global acceptance. From compliance with building regulations to rules governing setting-up temporary cabin-like units in the backyard, this playhouse ensures there are no worries—a significant reason why our dealers are promoting these as playhouse units with international credentials!


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Technical Specifications:

  • Wall thickness: 19mm
  • Playhouse wall size: 235x175cm
  • Inside size: 223x118cm
  • Inside area: 2.63m2
  • Playhouse wall height: 111cm
  • Ridge height: 151cm
  • Playhouse door size: 61x103cm
  • Window size: 90x50cm
  • Package size: H29x76x235cm
  • Package weight: 140kg
  • Loading 96 units in a lorry.
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