Wooden Playhouse Jimmy

Eurodita is the leading kid’s play cabin manufacturer-supplier with a global network that caters to commercial buyers from the educational, recreational, outdoor activity niche


From neighbourhood parks to the beachside and outdoor-hosted events, Eurodita Wooden Play House Jimmy has been employed to almost every outdoor recreational place that caters to kids. The kid’s play cabin continues to grab the attention of real estate developers with its smart designs that ensure better green performance, i.e. low carbon footprints. This customised play home is habitat-friendly, children-safe and easy-to-assemble—features that make it an intelligent choice for property planners managing vacation rentals, national parks, campsites, hiking trails, eco-living resorts, eco-safe camping sites, and nature reserves.


  • Smartly Designed: The construction of the Wendy House involves the best manufacturing practices for maximum energy conservation and habitat-friendliness. Play area house cabin is designed explicitly without some typical cabin-making parts that might come loose and harm children or pets
  • Easy-to-Maintain: From residence owners to those managing community playgrounds, from schooling institutions to event-hosting venues and vacation home premises, there is a constant need for more solutions like the Garden Log Playhouse that is light, easy to manoeuvre, and comes with hassle-free maintenance
  • Versatility: The garden play structure is like a mobile play cabin that is easy to move around. Place it on the deck, near the patio, in the backyard or garden, or at designed play areas for children. Modular construction means easy assembly and more room to manoeuvre it for maximum usage benefits


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Technical Specifications:

  • Wooden Play House Jimmy
  • Playhouse Jimmy wall thickness: 19mm
  • Playhouse wall size: 171x130cm
  • Inside size: 94x118cm
  • Inside area: 1.1 mt. sq.
  • Playhouse wall height: 172cm
  • Ridge height: 212cm
  • Playhouse door size: 61x110cm
  • Window size: 63x54cm
  • Package size: H31x78x176cm
  • Package weight: 140kg
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