Wooden Play House Jimmy

Wooden Play House Jimmy
Playhouse Jimmy wall thickness 19mm
Playhouse wall size 171x130cm
Inside size 94x118cm
Inside area 1.1m2
Playhouse wall height 172cm
Ridge height 212cm
Play house door size 61x110cm
Window size 63x54cm

Package size H31x78x176cm
Package weight 140kg
Loading 132 units in lorry

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A playhouse is a pretty little building that children will most definitely love. Allow them to use their imagination and our products for a great time. We assure you that our products are the highest quality playhouses around and we don’t use any toxic substances even near the construction of these log cabins. And we made sure, that this particular model would be tall enough for even the tallest of the children to fit in, this playhouse reduces the number of injuries that might occur and the highest quality specially prepared timber will make sure that this kids playhouse will not cause any splinters as well. This is the great option for every child and a great design that will last for long.

To get more information about this particular playhouse or any other of our timber products, contact Eurodita Play houses Direct directly. Here we are ready to help you and offer you the best deal we can give.