Wooden Playhouse Funny

Eurodita has been working actively to create more options within the niche of safe & fun play homes for children. The expertise of making the best log cabins and modular grill huts has been a big help!


Easy to set-up anywhere in the backyard, parks, beaches, camping sites, RV parks, and gardens, Eurodita Wooden Playhouse Funny works exceedingly well in all environments. This garden play tower is being increasingly bought by community park managers and event planners as part of their outdoor expansion plans to ensure a safe space for kids to play and ensure that parents find a safe getaway. The outdoor play home has an engaging structure as it features a swing and a slide, that adds to the fun even more—one of the many reasons it is being ordered by-the-bulk by interior decorators and property developers developing safe recreational areas for kids to play and learn.


  • Children Safe: As this Wendy house is designed for children, Eurodita has ensured maximum safety measures within the design. It is built from the most beautiful quality lumber and is intended to provide protection from harsh corners and edges—highly recommended for places like playschools, preschools, educational institutions catering to toddlers and activity centres found in commercial establishments
  • Custom-made: Eurodita offers maximum customisation scope to the playhouse to ensure dealers and distributors can market the product with confidence about room for personalising the design. This helps to boost compliance with different play zones or backyards. The swing and slide playhouse remains a favourite across community-owned areas that need child-safe play zones
  • Reliable Delivery: Using a unique ecosystem of regional, local and global courier providers, we ensure that the deliveries are not delayed. Our price quotes and delivery dates is a commitment, and any changes are always pre-informed. We stick to our service standards for the newest buyer or the most trusted dealer

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Technical Specifications:

  • Wooden Play House Funny
  • Playhouse Funny wall thickness: 19mm
  • Playhouse wall size: 171x130cm
  • Inside size: 94x118cm
  • Inside area: 1.1 mt. sq.
  • Playhouse wall height: 226cm
  • Ridge height: 268cm
  • Playhouse door size: 61x110cm
  • Window size: 63x54cm
  • Package size: H31x78x176cm
  • Package weight: 140kg
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