Wooden Playhouse Dovydas

Eurodita offers an affordable yet classic looking range of outdoor play cabins and towers to wooden furniture dealers and kid’s playset retailers, to be used at parks, gardens or vocational sites.


Eurodita Wooden Playhouse Dovydas can be found everywhere where there is a need for a safe playing environment for young children. Usually spotted in backyards, gardens, camping sites, recreational parks, and fishing sites, these outdoor playing units are built tough without posing any structural hazard for kids. This outdoor play cabin is increasingly brought by park owners and children playset retailers as they are constructed from robust materials. The kid-friendly structure has a smart floor plan and Nordic timber construction. This garden playset has been traded in significant numbers by playhouse dealers who handle bigger, institutional orders from real estate developers or commercial places that want to develop dedicate fun recreational zones for kids.


  • Plexiglass Windows: This backyard play home is built with Plexiglas windows that consume less energy and are lighter than conventional glass windows. Plexiglass windows are coated with acrylic mirror sheeting that protects the occupants from harmful UV-rays and excessive heat.
  • Weather Proofed: Eurodita Wendy house features a Bitumen roof that adds to the aesthetic appeal and provides protection against extreme weather conditions– the reason why most playset dealers and park owners are installing this at different sites. 
  • Customisation Friendly: The wooden playhouse offers the maximum scope of customisation, dealers and cabin resellers can customise this playset according to the client’s requirements in minimum cost. Our expert craftsmen can add different extensions to this play cabin like swings and slides to attract more clients.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Premium class Nordic timber
  • Wooden Playhouse Dovydas size: 2350x1300mm
  • Wooden Playhouse Dovydas Wall Thickness: 19mm
  • Wooden Playhouse Dovydas ridge height: 1870mm
  • Doors
  • Opening windows Plexiglass
  • Complete with Fixings and Instructions
  • Bitumen roof felt included
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