Eurodita Children wooden sand box


  • Eurodita Children wooden sand box
  • Superior quality Children wooden sand box
  • Made from Premium Class Nordic Timber
  • Children play table with Benches size 1200x1200mm
  • Children wooden sand box height 300mm
  • Children wooden sand box with benches
  • Best choice for your children in the garden!


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A sandbox is a crucial part of a happy life for a child who plays outside. Playing with sand enhances creativity and motor skills. And a great wooden sandbox will not only keep sand inside of it – it will also provide a seat and a cover, so no undesired things will not fall inside. It’s a simple mechanism but it requires skill and experience to get it done right. And in this wooden box, we did just that – twenty years of experience building garden sheds and log cabin homes definitely gave us enough skill to master a brilliant sandbox that the kids will love. And we made sure that there would be no splinters using it and that this wooden box is made without any toxic substances. All the best for our children.

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