Sand Box with Benches

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Some play towers have pointed edges that can be harmful while others are made from robust but abrasive materials that are not deemed safe by guardians. Kid’s play structures need a specialised touch – a combination of outdoor performance and child-safety that is found in this garden playset with benches! Property designers handling projects for early education centres or childcare facilities often approach our dealers for smarter outdoor play units that provide safe fun. This sandbox garden playhouse is the most recommended unit with its kid-safe design. It has been bought by many child-care facilities maintained by the community and commercial enterprises. This durable playhouse can be fitted at playgrounds, play zones, play areas, and outdoor recreational spaces. It is as easy to install at gardens and backyards.


  • Seating Playhouse: Eurodita Sandbox Playhouse comes with attached benches providing a place to sit. This is vital in themed play sessions where children need to be seated as a part of socialisation skill development. Therefore, our outdoor furniture dealers catering to the primary education niche have been recommending these play castles in significant numbers where the benches provide safe seating
  • Spacious Design: Early education teachers often complain about cramped play units. Eurodita playsets are meant to encourage physical movement via easy mobility. The spacious design ensures children can move around without a safety threat
  • Nature-Friendly: A garden playset for kids is the best bet for organisations that provide supervised early childhood education facilities as curriculums are gradually moving towards more naturally themed playing environments. Use of high-quality timber helps to sustain the aura of outdoorsy fun without the risk of playing in an open playground that is difficult to supervise


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Technical Specifications:

  • Eurodita Children wooden sandbox
  • Superior quality Children wooden sandbox
  • Made from Premium Class Nordic Timber
  • Children play table with Benches size 1200x1200mm
  • Children wooden sandbox height 300mm
  • Children wooden sandbox with benches
  • Best choice for your children in the garden!
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