Mobile Home Spey 1Bedroom

Serving the timber market since 1994, Eurodita has established itself as the manufacturer of log structures like cabin homes, log garages, pavilions, BBQ huts & sauna pods


Campsite managers and realtors often approach cabin dealers for sturdy log mobile homes that can function as movable, easy to install cabins. The 1 Bedroom Log Home Spey has emerged as the most commonly recommended option. The portable cabin home is famous for its low carbon footprints, customised design, and well-insulated walls. Our manufactured cabins are finding increasing presence across commercially managed trailer parks, construction sites, and camping grounds apart from being used by RV enthusiasts and self-driving vacationers.


  • Relocatable Log Homes: Mobile log cabin kits are available at wholesale prices, ready to be shipped internationally. Our dealers are selling them as an affordable housing option in regions where regulations allow tiny homes, drive-around homes, portable cabins, demountable buildings.
  • Better Insulation: Pre-built mobile homes feature well-insulated walls that regulate the temperature, keeping thing dry and well protected. These log homes are comprehensively sealed to prevent leaking energy.
  • Dealer Benefits: Owing to the quality of our products and low prices, our dealers have been able to sell these drive-around cabin homes as alternative housing options, vacationing cabins, rental lease cabins, and easy-to-transport caravanning cabins.


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Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions (width x length): 6960 x 9270 mm
  • Wall thickness: 90 mm Glulam Logs
  • Wall height: 2210 mm
  • Roof pitch (degree + Total cottage altitude): 12°, 2915 mm
  • Roof thickness: 20+100+ 20 mm, prepared for insulation
  • Floor thickness: 20+100+ 28 mm, prepared for insulation
  • Rafters dimensions and quantity: 70 x 200 mm, seven units
  • Front extension of the canopy: 300 mm
  • The area of a roof: 77.2 m2
  • The length of the terrace: —
  • Windows and doors quality: Glulam timber with double-glazed units
  • Windows and doors dimensions and quantity: 960×2050, 1200×1200(x4), 1600×2050, 600×600(x2), 860×2050(x4) mm
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